The Strawberry theorem:


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Chain rule with 12 linked functions and 12 integration by parts problem: scene from "Funny farm".


The final exam is on Wednesday, May 8th at 2PM in Hall E The first hourly was on Wednesday February 28th at 9AM.
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The second hourly took place on Wednesday April 3rd at 9 AM.
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Mindmap from the review.
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Syllabus draft. For now, the most important information is: class attendance is required (email Oliver if you are detained. Homework is due every class, submitted on Gradescope. Stay involved in the course. Make use of resources (CAs and instructor), ask questions, keep track of things that are not yet clear and clarify them by asking. Continue to brush up on algebra and be friend with basic functions and definitions.
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Top 10 functions and Squeeze theorem

Newton and Leibniz and Groundhog

The power of Power and Trig