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Spring, 2024: Upper level coordination, Spring 2024. Math 1a, Spring 2024. Manifolds from Partitions [ArXiv]. Stuff from the fall: Differential geometry, Fall 2024. Tutoral 99R Fall 2024.
Fall, 2023: Math 1b, Fall 2023, Upper level coordination. Three tree theorem [ArXiv] and Arboricity of manifolds [ArXiv] and Arboricity and Acyclic Chromatic Number and Morse-Sard II [PDF].
Summer, 2023: Math S 21a, Summer 2023, May 21: Cohomology of open sets and a bit of dynamics: May 28: Mandelbulbs, Jun 18: Weierstrass and the Pendulum, and Jul 23: Cohomology of measurable sets.
Spring, 2023: I'm teaching a section in Math 21b this spring. Upper level coordination. A sphere formula. And A higher Characteristics. April 3: Spectral Monotonicity. Some stable diffusion experiments.
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