Teaching Calculus 2024 Calculus 2024, May 11, 2024 .
Argument with an AI Delta sets and Simplicial sets, April 11, 2024 .
Thinking about Math warm-up 2022-2023 .
Bad Taste in Math September 22, 2022.
Bob Mankoff visits Harvard April 14, 2022.
About evaluations January 26 2022.
Cool new gear in Science center August 23 2021.
VARK August 21 2021.
About Humor in the Classroom August 17 2021.
About grading July 14, 2020
Thoughts about webpedagogy when teaching remotely July 14, 2020
About a Klainerman interview Mai 12, 2020.
A lecture on Partial Differential Equations October 7, 2019.
Professional norms in math September 2019.
In defense of humor August 2019.
The ADC parameter space October, 2018.
Flexibility in teaching August 2018.
War on Knowledge April 2018.
Gamification in Education December 2017. (Project of Allen Lai)
Some Identities of Monishwaran Maheswaran August, 2017.
Adventure of teaching algebra January 20, 2017.
About the Impostor Syndrome October 1, 2016.
About personalized learning March 14, 2016.
Reasons for misconceptions December 2015.
About taxonomies April 2015.
About blackboards October 2014, Update, Feb 2017.
Ambiguity in Math problems April, 2014.
Flipping the classroom January, 2014.
Four calculus lectures Music, Economics, Statistics and Computer science(April, 2013).
On Student Outlines On Student outlines (put online May, 2013).
Pecha Kucha March 6, 2013.
Is calculus necessary? Some thoughts.
Academic Use of Social media Mini conference May 3, 2011.
The Hui Machine Summer 2010.
Twitter in Course websites Fall 2009-Spring 2010.
Remarkable talks, 2009 September 1, 2009.
Technology in the Classroom Demo, 2009-2012 A presentation on April 9, 2014. A presentation on April 10, 2013. A presentation on March 29, 2012. A presentation on March 29, 2011. A presentation on March 19, 2009.
Reasons to invest in teaching Notes, September 7, 2007.
TIMSS Videos Flash version of TIMSS videos, 2007.
Gened About calculus and Gened.
Mathematica projects Mathematica in Linear algebra and Calculus.
Benefits and Risks of Media and Technology in the Classfoorm, 2007 a few slides, ICTM Feb 15-18, 2007, [PDF] and a the lecture paper [PDF].
Question from a vision impaired Student Email Text.
Problem solving Creativity literature, 2007.
Problem types, October 2006 Problem types (working document).
End of Lectures, Fall 2006 Part of a presentation in a teacher training seminar of Fall 2006.
Getting the facts right Sept 2006 (HTML).
First Lectures in Calculus, Fall 2005 Part of a presentation in a teacher training seminar of Fall 2005.
The ETH mathematics curriculum My curriculum at ETHZ
Pitfalls in teaching and learning calculus, May 2005 (HTML), (PDF).
Problems with spreadsheets A remark in [HTML]
PITF Project Summer 2004 Project page
Webpedagogy Seminar Harvard, January 2004 Slides (PDF)
Sofia project, 2003/2004 Project page, Paper draft (PDF) .
Hatsumon, Fall 2003 Hatsumon
Enriching Teaching with Technology, March 2003 (PDF)
Harvard Calculus, June 2002 - Harvard Calculus, what is left?
Mathematica projects, 2001 - 2009) Links to files
Webeducation talk, March 8, 2001 Link to HTML presentation presented at Harvard Mathematics department. This was a presentation without powerpoint.
Mathematica Tutorial, April 2001 Mathematica Tutorial presented at the Harvard Physics department.
Micro teaching, September 2000 Some photos

Webpedagogy Seminar, 2008, Photo: Richard Rolivo, Bok Center

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