About the monument of John Knill:



Wife family

Brothers family

Mothers side

Fathers side

Wife side

  • David Zion Hai Ederi (father of Ruths mother)
  • Malkah Edrei (1897 - 1981) (mother of Ruths mother)
  • Kalman Dgani (1896-Nov 1969) (father of Ruths father)
  • Mina Dgani-Peschke (1899-1975) (mother of Ruths father)
  • Samuel Makluv (1911-1990) (brother of Ruths mother) (Esther Makluv, Aliza Makluv, Raphael Maklouf, Joseph Makluv, Peter Makluv, Hanna Makluv)
  • Rebekka Barnett (born 1913-1999) (sister of Ruths mother) (Daphna Barnett, David Barnett)
  • Shoshana Berak (born 1924) (sister of Ruths mother)
  • Simcha Arbel (born 1927) (sister of Ruths mother) (Michal Arbel, Tamar Arbel)
  • Osnat Dgani (born Dec 1925) (sister of Ruths Father)
  • Seraia Dgani (born (brother of Ruths Father)

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