Here are some of my favorite runs (unfortunately, the camera is shaky in both cases):
Mountains Ice run
2019: Having done it earlier already while the memorial park in Boston was beeing constructed, (sometimes a bit adventurously running along the train tracks), the park is now open and a nice addition to my standard Science Museum route. Highlights are the bridge of course, or running along the locks. Plotaroute I had been running the old tracks from Freshpond to the arsenal in Watertown a couple of times, when there had been still tracks. Now, there is a new pathway in construction. This summer 2019, I tried it out a couple of times. It will be a great green connection between freshpond and the Charles river. Plotaroute Here are some of my favorate running routes from Harvard

Science Museum route

Addition to Science Museum route.

Charlestown II route from Hemenway.

Freshpond route

MIT route

Boston beach addition to MIT route

Arsenal route

Addition to Arsenal route

An other addition to Arsenal route
Credit: pictures created with the help of RouteSlip which uses a Google map API.

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