Talks accessible for Highschool Students

Math table talks:
Fast multiplicationFall 2018Math 121 guest lecture Handout [PDF], Slides (youtube), and Mathematica notebook
Goldbach Comets Fall, 2018 Mathtable Oct 23, 2018: Goldbach Comet [PDF] ( Part of Slides [PDF])
The amazing world of simplicial complexes April 28, 2018 AMS meeting Notes (ArXiv), Slides (youtube)
Battles about Mathematical Syntax Spring, 2018 Extension STEM club April 28, 2018: Part of Slides [PDF] .
Polishing Euler's gem Spring, 2018 Math Table Website with talk, slides and handout
Bowen-Lanford Zeta Function Fall, 2016 Math Table Handout [PDF]
3D Printing Experiments in MathematicsSeptember 30, 2016SIAM meeting Slides on Youtube, SIAM talks on ED16 - MS3-3 The PDF
Wu Characteristic March 8, 2016 Math table Handout [PDF]
Birkhoff Sums over Golden rotationsFebruary 23, 2015Boston University Notes [PDF] (43 pages), Keynote Slides [PDF] Abstract of talk [TXT]
Cauchy-BinetSummer 2014 Slide notes [HTML] slides [PDF], article [Journal LINK], ArXiv.
Chinese Remainder TheoremSpring 2014Math circle Slides [PDF].
Mathematical structures in graph theoryJanuary 15, 2014 Joint AMS meeting, 2014 Slides [HTML], Slides [PDF], Part II not delivered [PDF].
Orbital NetworksFall 2013 Slides [HTML].
Illustrating mathematical proofsMay, 10 2013 Talk Youtube , Paper ArXiv, Book Trieste.
The Dirac operator of a graphJune 5, 2013 ILAS 2013 Slides from ILAS 2013 [PDF]. Notes [PDF].
From Archimedes to 3D printing: or from the sphere to the MandelbulbMay 18, 2013 SIC 2013 Talk summary [PDF], Slides [PDF] 86 Meg
Illustrating mathematical proofs using 3D printers May 6, 2013 Announcement PDF, Book Slides [PDF] 112 Meg, Trieste Talk on Youtube.
If Archimedes knew functions ... March 6, 2013Pecha Kucha event Slides [HTML] and [PDF]. [Youtube, uploaded 10/20/2016]
Geometric Problems in Graph theoryNov 16, 2012Fall 2012 Section Meeting Slides [PDF], Clips [M4V] for Ipod.
Geometry of networksApr 1, 2012Math Circle at NortheasternHandout [PDF], [PDF Slides] [Media for Ipod]
Polyhedra and PolytopesDec 6, 2009Math Circle at NortheasternHandout [PDF], Slides I [PDF][Media for Ipod] Slides II [PDF][Media for Ipod]
Remarkable TalksSeptember 1, 2009Some movies shown in a teacher training orientation[HTML] with movies
Vector bundle illustrationsSeptember, 2009Some slides shown in a class of Lydia Bieri[PDF], [Ipod]
Technology in the ClassroomMarch 19, 2009Presentation in a class of Andy Engelward Webpage, Demo, 2011, Demo, 2012
Treasure Hunting Perfect Euler BricksFeb, 2009 Mathtable talkHandout [PDF], Treasure map
How Chaos inspires other disciplinesFeb 7, 2008Lecture organized by Society for Creativity and Innovation at Harvard College (general audience)Slides [PDF, 44Meg], Annotations to lecture [PDF],[Media for Ipod, 220Meg]
The oldest unsolved problem in mathematicsDec 2, 2007Math Circle at Northeastern UniversityHandout [PDF], Slides [PDF][Media for Ipod]
The structure from motion problemOctober 29, 2007Colby Colloquium (undergraduate level)Slides [PDF]
On the mathematics of panorama photographyJuly 11, 2007Math NOW series of Harvard Summer school (precalculus level)Slides [PDF]
Mathematics and AI Apr 1, 2007Math Circle at Northeastern University Handout [PDF][Media for Ipod]
ICTM 07: Benefits and Risks of Media and Technology in the ClassroomFeb 15-18, 2007ICTM Boston, 20079 slides and paper draft [PDF]
A lecture on Diophantine equations Apr 30, 2006Math Circle at Northeastern UniversityHandout [PDF]
End lectures in College Teaching Sep 12, 2006Harvard UniversityMovie clips [QT]
First lectures in Calculus Teaching Sep 13, 2005Harvard UniversityMovie clips [QT]
Number theory in dynamical system Nov. 5, 2004Tufts ColloquiumSlides [PDF]
A multivariable Chinese remainder theorem and Diophantine approximationApr 11, 2005Brandeis ColloquiumSlides [PDF],Multivariable Chinese remainder theorem [PDF],Curve approximation theorem
Pitfalls in Calculus teaching and learning5/20/05Harvard UniversityNotes [HTML],[PDF]
An hour on complex numbersSeptember 2004Math Warm Up Series Handout [PDF],Problems [PDF]Slides [PDF]
Applications of Subharmonic functionsFeb, 2004MathtableHandout [PDF]
Web pedagogy SeminarJanuary 2004Harvard UniversitySlides [PDF]
Workshop on the use of Technology in the classroomApril 2004Harvard UniversitySlides [PDF], on An artificial intelligence experiment in college math education (PDF)
Fashion in MathematicsMay 2004Math CircleHandout [PDF]
BilliardsNovember 2003Math CircleHandout [PDF]
Enriching teaching with technologyAug 11, 2003Harvard UniversityNotes [PDF]
On a notion of Integrability March 2002UAB Conference Notes [PDF]
A mini Mathematica tutorialApril 22, 2001Harvard university, Physics Department[HTML]
The web in undergraduate math instructionMarch 8, 2001Harvard university, friends talk[HTML]
Open problems in Hamiltonian dynamicsOctober 19, 2000Montana State University Bozeman[HTML],[PDF],[GIF]
BilliardsDecember 1999Harvard University (my interview talk of December 17th)Handout [PDF],Ellipse property[PDF]

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