My 5 mile work ride from Arlington to Cambridge adds up to 2500 miles (=4000 km) per year. Having a pleasant bike ride in the morning and the late afternoon adds a lot to my work quality. The 20 minute bike along Mass Av (see photos taken along a ride) is nice even during rush hour because bikes can pass all the cars. My daily bike ride follows part of the battle road. Here are some photos taken on those days. The daily bikes require sometimes (unusual measures).

My work bike ride follows only part of the battle road. I often run in the noon from Harvard to Charlestown along the Freedom trail in Boston, then back to Cambridge. An other part of the battle road, I can enjoy with my inline skates: it goes along the bike path from Arlington to Bedford, Concord, back to Lexington and Arlington. So, by biking, running and skating, it is possible enjoy much of the scenery of the battle road. On some nice days in the summer, it is even possible to do all three things on the same day: a 10 Miles bike ride to work, a 13 miles run during lunch break and a 26 miles skate in the evening.

Ride above: Jan 24, 2005:

Ride to the right of Jan 26, 2005. (January 2019: change from Flash to to HTML5). All movies were taken with a Canon powershot, which I hold in my hands, while balancing the bike on the snow. You see that even in snow covered streets, the bike can keep up with the cars.

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