I'm a mathematician born in Switzerland and educated at the ETH Zuerich graduating with a PhD thesis under the guidance of Oscar Lanford III. After postdocs at Caltech, the University of Arizona, and the University of Texas (in UT as a SNF fellow in the math department and the Institute for Fusion Studies), I work since 2000 as a preceptor at the Harvard mathematics department. I teach since 2001 also at the Harvard summer school and since 2010 at the Harvard extension school. Having done research in the field of dynamical systems, probability theory (example) and mathematical physics, I'm currently interested in the geometry and topology of graphs, in particular also in the context of linear algebra example) and calculus (example), topics I love to teach. In education, I observe in particular the development of the use of technology example and social network tools (example) in the classroom (example) as well as developments in computer algebra systems example, 3D printing (a thesis, or in calculus) computer vision (a reading course, a thesis), artificial intelligence (example [PDF]), or multimedia example).

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