Fall 2023

We only will start the general application process for the fall once the courses and times have been fixed in a preliminary form. If you are a recurring CA and want to continue CAing, you can already let Oliver know that you continue to be available in the fall.

Spring 2023

We had our CA orientation on Sunday Jan 22/2023, 7 PM in 309.kle Here are the 10 golden rules of course assisting. Update of January 31, 2023: We have mentioned ChatGPT technology in the orientation both under the context of the honor code and to ilustrate grading practices. Schools more and more adopt stricter guidelines in the use of AI technology. The Harvard Extension school just adapted their academic integrity policy. The general practice in academia is to give credit where credit is due. If AI tools are used, it at least needs to be acknowledged as described by the honor code. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Oliver Knill at knill@math.harvard.edu. Query on Catalog.


(@m means @math.harvard.edu @c means @college.harvard.edu @h means @harvard.edu)
22b   Dusty Grundmeier   deg@m                 MWF  12:00-1:15  

      AnaMaria Perez  anamariaperez@c          
      Thomas Kaminsky tkaminsky@c               
      Luke Jackson    lukejackson@c             
      Alice Wu        awu1@c                      
      Elliot Chin     elliotchin@c                
      Karen Song      karensong@c                 
      Catherine Liang cyliang@c                   
      Charlie Yang    charlieyang@c               
      Nicholas Lopez  nicholaslopez@c             
      Quinn Brussel   quinnbrussel@c             

25b   Wes Cain             jcain2@m            MWF   9:00-10:15

      Kerem Dayi        keremdayi@c              
      Knut Vanderbush   kvanderbush@`           

55b   Joe Harris          harris@m             MWF  10:30-11:45

      Jarell Cheong     jarellcheong@c          
      Michael Hwang     michaelhwang1@c         
      Peter Luo         pluo@c                  
      Jessica Zhang     jjzhang@c               
      Eric Tang         etang@c                 
      Lev Kruglyak      levkruglyak@c          
      William Hu        williamhu@c        

101   Janet Chen          jjchen@m             MW   12:00-1:15

      Claire Zhou        clairezhou
      Edwin Gamez-Hernandez  edwingamezhernandez 
      Jeremiah Kim       jeremiahkim@c         
      Asteria Chilambo   asteriachilambo@c
      Christian Chiu     christianchiu@c 

112   Niki Mavraki       mavraki@m             TTh   1:30-2:45

      Edis Memis         edismemis@c           
      Libby Min          libbymin@c
      Josh Josephy-Zack  jjosephyzack@c
      David Kwak         dkwak@`               
      Emily Nguyen       emilynguyen@c         
      Matthew Ho         matthewho@c            
      Ivan Specht        ispecht@c               

113   Ana Balibanu        ana@m                TTh  12:00-1:15

      Wittmann Goh       wgoh@c                   
      Hana Lang          hlang@c   
      Ray Shang          rshang@c                  
      Clair Dai          xdai@m               GCA
117   Paul Bamberg       bamberg@tiac.net         MW   10:30-11:45

      Eon Lim            ilim@c                

118a  Assaf Shani      shani@g.harvard.edu        TTh   9:00-10:15

      Calvin Osborne  cosborne@c                   
      Alexander Karbowski    akarbowski@c

123   Curt McMullen     ctm@m                  TTh  10:30-11:45

      Benjy Firester  benjaminfirester@c          
      Dora Woodruff   dorawoodruff@c              
      Eric Shen       ericshen1@c                 
      Kaiying Hou     khou@c                      

124   Barry Mazur       mazur@m                 TTh  10:30-11:45

      Hari Iyer       hiyer@c                     
      Madison Shirazi mshirazi@c                   

129   Salim Tayou     tayou@m                   WF   9 AM -10:15

      Dhruv Goel         gauravgoel@c              
      Jonas Iskander     jonasiskander@c              

130   Paul  Bamberg       bamberg@tiac.net         MW   1:30-2:45

      Richard Luo        richardluo@c    

132   Michael Hopkins      mjh@m                 MW   1:30-2:45

      Phillip Michalak   pmichalak@c               
      Tyler Chamberlain  tchamberlain@c            
      Leon Liu           yuleonliu@m                

137   Mihneha Popa       mpopa@m                    MW   10:30-11:45

      Eliot Hodges       eliothodges@c             
      Hahn Lheem         hahnlheem@c               

154   Cesar  Cuenca      cuenca@m                  TTh  10:30-11:45
      Zad Chin           zadchin@c   

157   Math in the World      Kevin Lin kevin_lin    TTh  12:00-1:15

      A.J. La Motta      ajlamotta@c
      Sean Ty            seanty@c    
      Alex Glynn         alexanderglynn@c
161   Philip Wood        pmwood@m                  MW   12:00-1:15

      Leo Fried          leofried@c  

212  Yum-Tong Siu        siu        TTh  12:00-1:15

      Raphael Tsiamis    rtsiamis@c               

213b Peter Kronheimer                 TTh  10:30-11:45

      Rafael Saavedra rsaavedra@m        

222  Elden Elmanto   elmanto@@m      TTh  3:00-4:15

      Reeves Wyatt              wreeves@m   

223  Mark Shusterman   mshusterman@m   MW   3:00-4:15

      Jianqiao Xia              jianqiaoxia@m 

225  Homol. Alg    Drozd      drozd@m       TTH  9:00-10:15

      Rushil Mallarapu        rushil_mallarapu@c      

231b  Andrew Senger     senger@m              TTh  1:30-2:45
      Eunice Sukarto          esukarto@m

232b Schemes       Chris Eur  ceur@m  TTh  9:00-10:15

      Duc Vo                    ducvo@c   

243  Martin Nowak        martin_nowak@h   TTh  12:00-1:15

      Henry Cerbone           hcerbone@c             
      William McInroy         mcinroy@c              
280Y Arith. Stat   Gundlach     TTh  12:00-1:15

      Jit Wu Yap    jyap@m

284Z Stoch Anal.   Yau          MW   10:30-11:45

Historical assignments


The completed CA forms should be sent to Diana (dlchen@math.harvard.edu) via Secure File Transfer by the first day of employment. You need a valid I-9 form on file with the University to begin working. Your I9 form must be completed/active in the system! Contact Larissa or Diana in the math department if you need more information about the I-9 form. CAs must have an updated MA, New England (Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) or NY home address in the system (use Harvard address).


For rooms or room changes, email Oliver who will book a room for you with room book.


A note about Teaching Fellow 1 assignments for upperlevel courses (GCA allocations): the assignment is approved by the OUE only when there is sufficient enrollment (targeted size-15 students) For this position: the TF needs to come to class, help with grading assignments (maybe write solutions), hold office hours and/or section, provide feedback to the instructor on the progress of the class, post some things on the course webpage. GCA positions which are scheduled to do only grading (hourly job, no classroom time) will be hired as hourly teaching fellows.

Organizations and groups

Here is a list of the websites to the organizations mentioned in the orientation workshop:

From an orientation of 2021