The completed CA forms should be sent to Diana ( via Secure File Transfer by the first day of employment. You need a valid I-9 form on file with the University to begin working. Your I9 form must be completed/active in the system! Contact Larissa or Diana in the math department if you need more information about the I-9 form. CAs must have an updated MA, New England (Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) or NY home address in the system (use Harvard address).

You need to pass the Quiz with 8 or more points. If you should need to see some part of the slides again, here is an earlier version of the presentation done for rehearsal:


Mentioned in the orientation: A note about 0.2 FTE upperlevel courses (GCA allocations): the 0.2FTE is approved by the OUE only when there is sufficient enrollment (targeted size-15 students) For this position: the GCA needs to come to class, help with grading assignments (maybe write solutions), hold office hours and/or section, provide feedback to the instructor on the progress of the class, post some things on the course webpage. GCA positions which are scheduled to do only grading (hourly job, no classroom time) do not require FTE approval.

Organizations and groups

Here is a list of the websites to the organizations mentioned in the orientation workshop:


MATH 55   Denis Auroux   
Dora Woodruff
Leo Fried 
Oliver Cheng	
Eric Yan  
Gaurav Goel

MATH 25     John Cain  
Daniel Abdulah
Wittmann Goh
Matthew Ho
Edward Athaide

MATH 22    Dusty Grundmeier  
Rodrigo Chaname
Thomas Kaminsky  
Catherine Liang
Nadine Meister
Luke Jackson
Charlie Yang
Cana Nakase
Rose Hong 
Hemanth Asirvatham  
Austin Li 

MATH 101    Dylan Wilson   
Elysia Li 
Valeria Vela   
Jim Diamondidis
Justin Xie 

MATH 112    Assaf Shani         
Shane Kissinger
Joshua Benjamin

MATH 114   Dennis Gaitsgory   
Benji Firester
Philp La Porte
Maira Khan

MATH 116    Paul Bamberg         
Henry Bosch 
Kris Lokere

MATH 124       Melanie Wood   
Forrest Flesher
Raphael Tsiamis
Hari Iyer 

MATH 122      Niki Mavraki   
Iris Chen 
Michael Hwang
Raluca Vlad

MATH 131      Ana Balibanu  (     
Howard Timlin    
Phillip Michalak     
Ray Shang           

MATH 136      Dori Bejleri   
Petar Griggs 
Madison Shirazi

MATH 156       Paul Bamberg                            
Chris Wirth

Math 251       Lauren Williams
Charles Wang
Amanda Burcroff

Math 286y      Joe Harris
Kai Xu    

Math 221       Salim Tayou tayou@math    
Yuhan Jiang

Math 222       Cesar Cuenca cuenca@math  
Grant Barkley

Math 223a     Mark Shusterman
Sanath  Devalapurkar

Math 230a      Martin Lesourd  mlesourd@math 
Nathaniel Yang

Math 231a      Piotr Pstragowski   piotr@math 
Sasha Alexander  

Math 232a      Mark Shusterman

Rosie Shen