Application form for Spring 2023

The application process for spring 2023 is on the way. Note that even if you have CAed for a course like 22, 25 or 55 where there is a continuation for the spring, you still need to reapply. In case when the faculty teaching was satisfied, it is natural to assume that recurring CAs have a good chance to continue also in the spring. Of course, all will depend also on enrollment. Usually, in the spring, the enrollments are smaller and a smaller CA pool is needed.

Here is the upperlevel CA and GCA Application form for Spring 2023. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Oliver Knill at Here are the courses in a nutshell:
Math 22b  VecCalcLinAlg Grundmeier   MWF  12:00-1:15
Math 25b  LinAlgAnalys  Cain         MWF   9:00-10:15 
Math 55b  RealComplex   Harris       MWF  10:30-11:45
Math 101  SetsGroups    Chen         MF   12:00-1:15
Math 112  Real analyss  Mavraki      Th    1:30-2:45 
Math 113  Complex Ana   Balibanu     TTh  12:00-1:15
Math 117  Prob Process  Bamberg      MW   10:30-11:45 
Math 118a Dyn. Systems  Shani        TTh   9:00-10:15
Math 123  Algebra II    Mullen       TTh  10:30-11:45
Math 124  Number Theory Mazur        TTh  10:30-11:45
Math 129  Number Fields Tayou        WF   9 AM -10:15
Math 130  Geometry      Bamberg      MW   1:30-2:45 
Math 132  Diff Topology Hopkins      MW   1:30-2:45
Math 137  Algeb Geom    Popa         MW   10:30-11:45
Math 154  Probability   Cuenca       TTh  10:30-11:45
Math 157  Math World    Harris       TTh  12:00-1:15 
Math 161  Formal Veri   Wood         MW   12:00-1:15 

Math 212  Real Analys   Siu          TTh  12:00-1:15
Math 213b Riemann Surf  Kronheimer   TTh  10:30-11:45
Math 222  Lie Groups    Elmanto      TTh  3:00-4:15
Math 223  Alg Numb Th   Schusterman  MW   3:00-4:15 
Math 225  Homol. Alg    Drozd        TTH  9:00-10:15
Math 232b Schemes       Eur          TTh  9:00-10:15
Math 243  Evol Dynam    Nowak        TTh  12:00-1:15
Math 280Y Arith. Stat   Gundlach     TTh  12:00-1:15
Math 284Z Stoch Anal.   Yau          MW   10:30-11:45 

Last update: December 5, 2022
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Lineup for Fall 2022

Don't forget to make the Training Quiz. You need 8 points to pass. Please look at the Union presentation from Prince [PDF]. Please contact Oliver Knill at for questions. Math nights is Mondays 8-10 PM in Leverett D-Hall. This is a place where one could problem sessions too.
22a   Dusty Grundmeyer   deg@math

         AnaMaria Perez  anamariaperez@c             **
         Thomas Kaminsky tkaminsky@c                 **
         Henry Wu        hhwu@c                      **
         Jess Liang      jessicaliang@c              **
         Alice Wu        awu1@c                      **
         Elliot Chin     elliotchin@c                **
         Karen Song      karensong@c                 **
         Catherine Liang cyliang@c                   **
         Michael Young   michaelyoung@c              **
         Charlie Yang    charlieyang@c               **
         Lily Nguyen     lnguyen@c                   **
         Nicholas Lopez  nicholaslopez@c             **
         Raul Bodrogean  raul_bodrogean@c            **


25a   Wes Cain             jcain2@math

         Danielle Paulson  dpaulson@c               **
         Emma Cardwell     ecardwell@c              **
         Jacob Miller      jmiller@c                **
         Kerem Danyi       keremdayi@c              **
         Knut Vanderbush   kvanderbush             **


55a   Joe Harris          harris@math

         Jarell Cheong     jarellcheong@c          **
         Michael Hwang     michaelhwang1@c         **
         Peter Luo         pluo@c                  **
         Jessica Zhang     jjzhang@c               **
         Eric Tang         etang@c                 **
         Lev Kruglyak      levkruglyak@c           **
         William Hu        williamhu@c             **

101   Curt McMullen        ctm@math

         Jennifer Gao      jgao@c                 **
         Benjy Firester    benjaminfirester@c     **
         Luke Jackson      lukejackson@c          **
         Philip Michalak   pmichalak@c            **

114   HT Yau               htyau@math 

         Gaurav Goel       gauravgoel@c          **
         Dora Woodruff     dorawoodruff@c        **
         Max Li            maxli@c               **  

116   Paul Bamberg

       Kailas Amin     kailasamin@c                **

121   Ana Balibanu       ana@math

      Sophie Collins-Arroyo sophiecollinsarroyo@c  **
      Gregory Li        gregoryli@c                **
      Valeria Vela      valeriavela@c              **
      Matthew Ho        matthewho@c                **

122   Niki Mevraki      mavraki@math

      Eliot Hodges      eliothodges@c       **
      Hahn Lheem        hahnlheem@c         **
      Claire Zhou       clairezhou@c        **

131   Laura Del Marco   demarco@math

      Madison Shirazi  mshirazi@c           ** 
      Eric Yan         eyan@c               **
      Nadine Meister   nmeister@c           **


136   Puskar Mondal      puskar_mondal

      Wittman Goh       wgoh@c              ** 

141b  Assaf Shani

152   Paul Bamberg

      Janna Withrow    mwithrow@c          **

155r  Cesar Cuenca     cuenca@m

      Jiyang Gao       jgao@m              **

156   Paul Bamberg

200 Level courses

213a  TTH   Yum-Tong Siu    siu@m          Rosie Shen     wshen@m    **
221   TTH   Salim Tayou     tayou@m        Jit Wu         jyap@m     ** 
223a  MW    Mark Shusterman mshusterman@m  
229   TTh   Noam Elkies     elkies@m       Hari Iyer      hiyer@c    **
230a  TTH   Fan Ye          fanye@m        Keeley Hoek    khoek@m    **
231a  MW    Andrew Senger   senger@m       Ray Shang      rshang@c   **
232a  MW    Dori Bejleri    bejleri@m      Alice Lin      alicelin@m **
242   TTH   Martin Nowak    martin_nowak@h Chase VanAmburg cvanamburg@c  **
                                            Liam McInroy  mcinroy@c       **

268 Z  TTh  Rybnikov
270 Z  WF   Gammage
271 Z  MW   Popa
272 Z  TTh  Elmanto
278 Z  MW   Kronheimer
279 Z  TTH  Drozd

Courses for Fall 2022 (preliminary)

There were recently two changes see the following picture: the official course catalog should now be ok.

Courses for Spring 2023 (preliminary)

Historical assignments


The completed CA forms should be sent to Diana ( via Secure File Transfer by the first day of employment. You need a valid I-9 form on file with the University to begin working. Your I9 form must be completed/active in the system! Contact Larissa or Diana in the math department if you need more information about the I-9 form. CAs must have an updated MA, New England (Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) or NY home address in the system (use Harvard address).


For rooms or room changes, email Oliver who will book a room for you with room book.


A note about Teaching Fellow 1 assignments for upperlevel courses (GCA allocations): the assignment is approved by the OUE only when there is sufficient enrollment (targeted size-15 students) For this position: the TF needs to come to class, help with grading assignments (maybe write solutions), hold office hours and/or section, provide feedback to the instructor on the progress of the class, post some things on the course webpage. GCA positions which are scheduled to do only grading (hourly job, no classroom time) will be hired as hourly teaching fellows.

Organizations and groups

Here is a list of the websites to the organizations mentioned in the orientation workshop: