Yamaha N 100 front view
After my old 17 year old Korg Piano died, I got in Mai 2007 a Yamaha N100 Digital Piano. It is just perfect for what I needed:

360 degree movie. The start button to the movie is on the right side of the picture. The camera was sitting on one of the small loudspeakers in this take. The actual sound is much better.
  • decent internal sound system and speakers
  • looks great, can be covered
  • simplicity: no unnecessary fluff:
  • weighted keys which feel like a real piano
  • best sound I have heared from digital pianos
  • solidly built. Three pedals.
  • all Midi standards are there

The prices for this piano were quite uniform from all sellers but Andy's Music additionally chipped in a nice piano chair, which made the decision. Here is the page. It had been a good choice. The piano came within 3 days with a freight truck and everything was perfect. The piano was up in half an hour. I had some problems first with the midi. My old Midi interfaces did no more work and I got a new M-Audio USB midisport UNO interface.
June 2011

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