Newer things

I had hoped Apple would update the Macbook 12 inch, but we know now that this is not going to happen. I liked the light design of the macbook. My newest laptop is therefore a macbook pro 13 inch. I had been a bit reluctant to go with that because the ESC key in that model is in the touchbar. I use ESC a lot when writing in VIM. After reconfiguring CAPSLOCK to become ESC, things are actually quite nice. What is of course also beneficial is to be able to have a larger harddrive and have multiple USBC ports which had been a quite severe limitation on the Macbook. In general, I think, the last 10 years, we have been living in a OS heaven and I hope it will continue. I hardly need to do any sys-adminstration (also in linux). Machines just work, time machine takes care of backups, upgrades work. Issues are usually quickly resolved. The latest was a migrating issue when moving over to a new laptop: the old itunes library database would be missing. The solution was just to copy over the file ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl manually. Still, in 2019, I'm getting hunted by the case insensitivity of OS X. I have files INDEX.html and index.html which sometimes can get merged when moving forth and back from a OS X (I keep part of my project pages synced between laptop and linux desktop so that I can work anywhere and such a round of syncing can produce an equivalence relation on file names ...).

Old Macs

I have been using virtually all of the macs, including the Next computer, which was a fantastic machine. Here is a picture from 2007, where I marked macs I have used (substancially, which means several hours a day like at school) or owned.

older remarks

The following was probably updated last 2005

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