Technology in the Classroom Demos

Oliver Knill, March 19, 2009

1. Computer algebra systems

Demonstrations in geometry and algebra Especially the interactive possibilities. The Mathematica demonstration project has hundreds of examples. But many of them are too complicated to be used as templates for simple things.
  1. Geometry
  2. Gas
  3. Vectors

2 Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators are self contained applications. They are cheap and do not need much time to learn. They are ideal for the classroom demonstrations.
  1. Exhibit (2007)
  2. Examples
  3. Grapher examples

3. Applets

Java applets, are an older technology and so quite mature. Java is now open source.
  1. Planimeter (2002)
  2. Line integral (2002)
  3. Chirikov (1999)

4. Flash

Flash is a newer technology, which needs still a commercial program to develop.
  1. Curl/Div (2004)
  2. Torus (2004)
  3. Spiders

4. Javascript

A robust technology without plugins which works even on the iphone.
  1. Online Quiz (2003)
  2. Javascript dynamics (1999)
  3. Gauss-Jordan (2001)

5. Multimedia

Useful to lighten up a lecture or review or a website. The presentation itself.
  1. Review (2009)
  2. Data fitting (2007)
  3. Barbie (1006)

6. Graphics

One or two pointers how to produce graphics for handouts or overheads or worksheets.
  1. Povray drill
  2. Povray gear
  3. Marblebook

7. Discussion:

There is a plethora of possibilities. There is almost too much choice. Despite the dangers and risks, there can be a lot of benefits.
  1. pitfalls in teaching
  2. slides
  3. slides [PDF]