The following talks are accessible to gifted high school students. These talks took place either at the Math Circle at Northeastern University or Mathtable at the Harvard Mathematics department, the Society for Creativity and Innovation at Harvard College SCI the Math warm-up series or at the Harvard Summer school, or at Colby College.

Chinese remainder theorem, Apr 15, 2014, Slides [PDF]

Differential Geometry of Graphs,Nov 16, 2012, Bridgewater Slides [PDF], Clips [M4V] for Ipod.

Geometry of Networks, Apr 1, 2012, Math Circle Handout [PDF], Slides [PDF], [Smartphone media]

Polyhedra and Polytopes, Dec 6, 2009, Math Circle Handout [PDF], Slides I [PDF], Slides II [PDF], [Ipod I], [Ipod II]

Treasure Hunting Perfect Euler Bricks, Feb 24, 2009 Math table Handout [PDF], Map [PDF]

How Chaos inspires other disciplines, Feb 7, 2008, SCI Slides [PDF, 44Meg] To lecture [PDF] [Ipod, 220Meg]

The oldest unsolved problem in mathematics,Dec 2, 2007, Math Circle Handout [PDF] Slides [PDF] [Ipod]

The structure from motion problem, Oct 29, 2007, Colby Slides [PDF],

On the mathematics of panorama photography,Jul 11, 2007, Summer school Slides [PDF]

Mathematics and AI, Apr 1, 2007, math Circle Handout [PDF] [Ipod]

A lecture on Diophantine equations, Apr 30, 2006, math circle [PDF]

An hour on complex numbers, Sept 2004, Math warmup Handout [PDF] Problems [PDF] Slides [PDF]

Fashion in Mathematics, May 2004, mathcircle Handout [PDF]

Billiards, Nov 2003, Math Circle [PDF]

Billiards, Dec, 1999, Mathtable (actually interview talk) [PDF]

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