Math 136: Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces

Monday, Wednesday- Friday, 10 - 11:00am, Science Center 310

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Tristan Collins
Email: tcollins at math dot harvard dot edu
Office: Science Center 233

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Monday and Thursday 3-4:00pm

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The Syllabus for the course is available here .

Important Notice: Due to a facilities issue the class has been relocated to Sever 208 for the rest of the term.


This is approximate. All references are to the course text by Wolfgang Kuhnel. For the material to be covered, see the Syllabus above.

Date Reading Homework
Sept. 2, 4 2A-2C of Kuhnel: Local theory of plane and space curves

Sept. 9, 11 2C, 2D of Kuhnel: The Frenet Equations and the Fundamental Theorem of Curves Homework 1
Sept. 14-18 2D, 3A of Kuhnel: Curves and Parametrized Surfaces Homework 2
Sept. 21, 25 3B of Kuhnel: Curvature of surfaces Homework 3
Sept. 28- Oct. 2 3B of Kuhnel: Curvature of surfaces Midterm 1
Oct. 5- 9 3B, 3D of Kuhnel: Curves on surfaces, geodesics Homework 4
Oct. 14, 16 3D of Kuhnel: Minimal Surfaces Homework 5
Oct.19- 23 4A, 4B of Kuhnel: Intrinsic geometry, the covariant derivative Homework 6
Oct. 26- 30 4B, 4C of Kuhnel: Gauss Equation and the Theorem Egregium Homework 7
Nov. 2-6 4F of Kuhnel: The Gauss-Bonnet Theorem, Frames Homework 8
Nov. 9- 13 4F of Kuhnel: Frames and Gauss-Bonnet Midterm 2
Nov. 16- 20 4F of Kuhnel: Yet more Gauss-Bonnet Homework 9
Nov. 23 Class Cancelled have fun
Dec. 8 Final Exam : Due December 15 Final Exam