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Math 22

Computer algebra systems were used in in the course Math 22 by students to do tougher computations or to do some proofs. The course Math 22a is slightly more advanced than Math 21a and we did not have a final project as the proof seminars are already quite demanding. You see the course material here. Still, here is a page with some Catch 22 Mathematica code.

Linear algebra

I started official computer algebra projects in linear algebra in 2007. Most students have learned Mathematica earlier in multivariable calculus and anyway use the software for checking homework etc. But since 2007, students turned in a project.

Dynamical systems

This was a one time stunt teaching Math 118r. There is a Lab page.

Summer school

Summer school Mathematica projects were often adapted from multivariable calculus courses. Later, during the the summer newer features were experimented with, especially after Mathematica version updates. Some student galleries:
summer 2018 projects, summer 2017 projects, summer 2016 projects, summer 2015 projects, summer 2014 projects, summer 2013 projects, summer 2012 projects, summer 2011 projects, and Gallery summer 2010, and Gallery summer 2009, and Gallery summer 2007, summer 2006, summer 2005, summer 2004, summer 2003.

Multivariable calculus

Also in the regular multivariable course 2002 - 2018, we always had computer algebra projects. More Galleries: Fall 2017 Gallery, fall 2008, fall 2007, fall 2006, spring 2006, fall 2005, spring 2004.

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