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Course 30189: Maths21A Summer 2008
Multivariable Calculus
Office: SciCtr 434

Final exam:took place on 8/128:30 in Emerson 101
The final exam had an average score of 72 with a standard deviation of 17. Exams are still being double checked in the moment. These are preliminary statistics.

2. Midterm:Thu 7/249:30-11Usual Lecture Hall
The second midterm had an average score of 78, with a standard deviation 16.

1. Midterm:Thu 7/109:30-11Usual Lecture Hall
The first midterm had an average score of 76, with a standard deviation 15. Errata:
  • Practice exam 3: TF problem 18 was labeled incorrectly. It is false as the explanation tells. (Thanks to Aukosh)
  • Practice exam 3: TF problem 16 was labeled wrong because it was not z=g(x,y). It is not a good problem. If you have z = g(x,y), then the parametrization is r(u,v) = (u,v,g(u,v)). The problem is now changed. (Thanks for the alert by Aukosh).
  • Practice exam 1: sotution to one matching problem was not complete (Thanks to Chinmay Paranjape).
  • Practice exam 2: 4) solution was missing, 6d) used wrong data. Improvements: parametrization of torus uses 2+sin(phi). (Thanks to Wenying Huang).
  • Practice exam 3: Problem 10 uses point (5,0,2) not (5,2,0) (Thanks to Wenying Huang).
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