Ray tracing

Modification of a Glassdemo by Gilles Tran. The scene was newly rendered in Povray. It is a modification of an awardwinning Povray project by the French artist Gilles Tran who put the source code into the public domain. The original picture had been the Picture of the Day on Wikipedia on August 2, 2006. The photorealistic picture also illustrates a technology called radiosity. Click onto the picture to see it larger (and then click again to see that larger 4800*1600 pixel picture). Note that all objects are defined mathematically in three dimensions, there is no manual photoshopping nor any other processing involved. The lighting and everything was computed within the picture using light bouncing off the scene. Every thing is open source and free from companies possibly pulling the software at some point. Glassdemo: modification of a Povray scene by Gilles Tran