Mandelbrot Zoom

The following Mandelzoom was adapted from a tthsqe12 youtube (17 minutes) movie. It was sped up by a factor 8 to 2 minutes, cut slightly and equipped with an epic background music piece "Across the Mountains" (which was a sound track to the movie Alexander (2004)) by "Vangelis". The animation zooms to a factor 10-220. Note that the Planck length is 1.6*10-35 meters only and that the observable universe is only about 8.8 *1026 meters long. You have to see the following clip in full screen!

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The classic 1977 "powers of 10" movie goes from 10-16 to 1024. These are 40 scales. In comparison, the Mandelzoom above has 220 scales. The following movie below has been ``modernized" by others since but the original (shown below) remains even after almost 50 years a landmark in pedagogical clarity and originality. (It also stays refreshing because it is free from any pseudo science).