Literature to the Störmerproblem

Literature to the Stoermer problem

Oliver Knill

Since the undergraduate thesis had been written in a now obsolete text processor SIGNUM, I do not have the entire text. While being a graduate student, a guest of Moser had been interested in the literature of this fascinating topic and I had at that time extracted and cleaned out the literature in ASCII form1. This has survived and is listed below. In the summer of 2010, when we moved within Arlington, I had to get rid of a lot of old stuff. In particular also of thousands of old papers. Being in a wet cellar for 10 years many of my article library had started to rot. A few articles have kept dry and were scanned in a scan orgy, where also a third of my book library was digitized. I could rescue 15 documents on the Stoermer problem. The evanescent paper versions are in "article heaven" now, but their "spirit" will survive electronically here. Of particular value is Mosers 1963 unpublished note on Stoermer problem which I have gotten from him and which remained unpublished up to day. A paper of Truc from 1992 (with letter of Truc) was added while I was still a graduate student in 1992. A Devaney article and an article of Walt and Farley did not make it into the literature list. Back to my undergraduate thesis
a) Stoermerproblem

Ar 1963   V.I. Arnold; Small divisor and stability problems in classical
                       and celestial mechanics, Uspekhi Mat. Nauk.18(6)(1963) pp. 85-191
                       2 pages [PDF]
Br 1970   Martin Braun; Particle Motions in a Magnetic Field; J.Diff.
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Br 1981a  Martin Braun; Invariant Curves,Homoclinic Points,and Ergodicity
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Dr 1965   Alex Dragt;   Trapped orbits in a magnetic dipole field; Rev.
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Ea 1980  Robert Eather; Majestic Lights ;
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Mo 1963  Juergen Moser; Integrals of the Stoermer Problem; unpublished [PDF]
St 1907  Carl Stoermer; Sur les trajectoires des corpuscles electrises
                        dans l'espace sous l'action du magnetisme terrestre;
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Vo 1958  Rene de Vogelaere; On the structure of symmetric periodic
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                   Princeton N.J.,1958,pp. 53-84 [PDF]

b) Linked Twist maps           

Bo 1977   Rufus Bowen ; On Axiom A Diffeomorphisms ; Proc. C.B.M.S.
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c) Lyapunov exponents

Be 1984  Giancarlo Benettin; Power-Law Behaviour of Lyapunov
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Yo 1986  L.-S. Young; Random Perturbations of Matrix Cocycles;
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d) Numerical studies

Bi 1986   Philippe M. Binder and Roderick V. Jensen; Simulating chaotic
                       Behavior with Finite- State Machines; Phys. Rev. A 34(5)
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Br 1971   A. Brahic; Numerical Study of a Simple Dynamical System;
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                      Pure Mathematics of Integrable and Ergodic Dynamical
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                      pp. 75-92
He1964   Michel Henon and Carl Heiles; The Applicability of the Third
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Ra 1973   F. Rannou; Numerical Study of Discrete Plane Area-
                      preserving Mappings; Astron and Astrophys. 31(1974),
                      pp. 289-301

e) Ergodic theory

Ar 1967   V.I. Arnold and A.Avez; Proble`mes ergodiques de la me' canique
                    classique, Paris 1967
Ka 1975   Anatol B. Katok,Ya. G.Sinai and A.M. Stepin ; Theorie of
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Si 1976   Ya.G.Sinai; Introduction to Ergodic Theorie.; Math. Notes
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Wa 1982   Peter Walters; Introduction to Ergodic Theory; Graduated
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(1) Episodes like this (and there are many more since 1987, when this literature list was collected) made me wary of proprietary file formats or formats which need proprietary programs to read them and since (maybe almost obsessively) store everything of value in ASCII text form or in formats in which open source and industry independent conversion programs are available.

This document was added in October 2010