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Some screen shots of the movie footage. Click for a 5000x3000 pixel pictures:
In unit 10, we cover analysis Traditionally, we have mostly looked at fractal spaces. This is fitting, as many areas of analysis (i.e. complex analysis, harmonic analysis, functional analysis, geometric measure theory, partial differential equations, calculus of variations) naturally lead to fractal objects. In complex analysis, the Mandelbrot set, in harmonic analysis, the Weierstrass curve, in functional analysis generic properties, in PDE's turbulence, in calculus of variations the Kakaya theme are all object of Kitsch (overexposed objects, appearing in countless many popular expositions or places and forms and so carry the label of bad taste due to their garishness and pop culture appearance). But as seen in all previous lectures, we love mathematical Kitsch! It has to earn this label.
Some slides from 2017: