Math E-320: Spring 2014
Teaching Math with a Historical Perspective
Mathematics E-320:
Instructor: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 432


Just finished reading projects. Here is the ranking of mathematicians: (the scores were ranked with the order in which the mathematicians appeared in the paper. Older mathematicians were of course favored like that if the paper had been structured chronologically).

Computing lecture

In the last lecture, we looked at several things: how to do experiments in mathematics, see the story of computing devices, see the limits of computation (what can we compute and how efficiently?)

Dynamical systems lecture

Here are some Mathematica tweets: tweetable code snippets. Not all got yet down to 140 characters yet:
About the problem of entropy of the Standard map mentioned in the talk: Some pre-reading:

Cryptography lecture

Daniel has sent some pages from Devlin's book "The Millenium problems" where cryptography is mentioned:

Analysis lecture

Topology lecture

Something which does not belong here to topology but to the arithmetic lecture which might interesting you: an amusing story about a math problem.

Probability theory lecture

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