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Dr. Rose Bongers

I am a preceptor in the Department of Mathematics at Harvard University. Formerly, I was a postdoctoral lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis and a graduate student at Michigan State University.

My teaching focuses on active and collaborative learning, equitable classrooms, and problem-solving with technology. During Spring 2023, I am the instructor for Math 18b/19b (Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics) and a teaching fellow for Math 21b (Linear Algebra). Detailed information about my teaching (and resources for students) can be found on my teaching page.

I also do research at the intersection of geometric measure theory and other areas of analysis, including quasiconformal maps, elliptic partial differential equations, potential theory, and computational linear algebra. Detailed information about my research (including my publications) can be found on my research page.

I am also an avid hiker and am always looking for places to visit in New England!