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Quantum mutlivariable calculus

Oliver Knill, December 2006-December 2007

Notes 2006-2007 [PDF]

I started these notes in the last week of 2006 while at Cape Cod. They were proof read them a bit in August 2007 while traveling Switzerland and in Israel I worked on it in the last week of 2007 again at Cape Cod. I have left these notes in 2007 and followed other paths since. Other approaches look currently more interesting, both in Riemannian geometry (mostly 2008-2009) as well as in graph theory (2009-2013).

See the discrete work still going on.

Since after some Pecha-Kucha talk with quantum calculus on March 6, 2013, there was interest in what I have written on quantum calculus, I post these scribbles. They should be understood as idea notebooks and often are not worked out. There are many lose ends and countless many typos. Be warned.

March 15 2013

March 22, 2014: A bit updated document on calculus on graphs.

Marcus Pfister, Regenbogenfish From the book cover "Der Regenbogenfisch", translated into English as (Rainbow fish (1992) . The original book is written and illustrated by the Swiss author Marcus Pfister. The book appeared in Nord-Sued Verlag.