Midjourney experiments

Midjourney medeley: I, II, III, IV, V During the spring of 2023, I have experimented a bit with midjourney a diffusion model: here are some pictures. A few have been used to beef up some slides in see this linear algebra playlist. In all cases one just enters some text. Like "make a dish with cooked platonic solids". None of these pictures have appeared anywhere else. They were created by the AI with my input. Do I own them? Do I have intellectual rights on them? This is hugely problematic. With my input I have helped the AI also to evolve as it does the creativity work and draws from my ideas but implements them. What if an AI starts to take a paper from a preprint server automatically, grabs out all the good ideas and starts writing papers on its own? A big problem with that is that machines usually do not give credit. They plagiarize bluntly! They would have no scruples to take somebody else's idea and go with it. Humans at least have some obligation to give credit.
Oliver Knill, Posted May 24, 2023,