Intersect (2020)

Again a time machine movie. Like Palm springs also this is a quite recent one. There is a school scene (shown below at the rather end, where the Zeno Paradoxon is discussed). The prototype of time machine movies is of course Time machine (the classic), Arrival and Back to the future Interstellar, Contact (wormwhole travel) which were all in the math in movies collection. The Miskatonic university appears first in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Lovecraft from Providence RI is almost a local. I'm personally not a big fan of lovecraftian horror and also of time machine stories (except if they contain some comedy) because they are generally non-sensical in some or the other way. Mixed with unexplained things, the stories tend to become weird. Like in Stargate, the time machine is here in ``Intersect" initiated by passing through some sort of door. The most realistic time machines were probably described in ``interstellar" (worm hole), in ``Startreck 2009" (black hole) or then in "Contact" (technologically created wormhole).

M4V, Ogg Webm. imdb link, Here are two screen shots of the blackboard with some formulas, a Poisson equation, some double integrals, some graphs, some Feynman diagrams.

Oliver Knill, Posted September 27, 2020,