Exhibit: Entropy formula in Movie Arrival

In the movie Arrival there is a white board with some physics formulas. One sees the Schrödinger equation, the Maxwell equations, a formula for a line integral, the Shannon entropy is at the very center. Here is the clip:

M4V, Ogg Webm. imdb link, DVD at amazon, Movie page. A personal comment: I liked the movie a lot. Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner fit well together. The story hold up. I have always a bit problems when messing with time issues. In this case its not time travel but telepathy into the future but the story is told so that it does not hurt too much. Here is the white board picture. One sees clearly the problems of white boards. People write very badly and its more messy in general than blackboards. Apropos Blackboards.

Oliver Knill, Posted March 24, 2017,