New Prime Record

Swiss Radio and TV has an article about a new Prime Number record. The current record is 31.4 Trillion digits. Ema Haruka has now the record in prime numbers. The program Y-Cruncher had been running on 96 processors using 1.4 TBytes of RAM using 200 TBytes of Harddrive space.

Archimedes was the first to give an estimate for Pi. It was 22/7 which is about 1.2 Promille too large.
Want to compute Pi to one million digits? Try
P=N[Pi,1000000]; Export["pi.m",P]; 
on Mathematica. It can still do 100 Million digits quite comfortably with N[Pi,1000000] but the output file has already 100 Megabytes. For more, it is better to use some custom software like Y-Cruncher, which allows to customize to the machine.
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