Bennu Asteroid

Headlines are difficult to come by during the summer months. Here is one from Switzerland: "Does this Asteriod lead to the end of the world?". Since 2016, the asteriod is followed by a probe. You can relax, the next possible collision with the earth is only possible in 2135. The party goes on until then.
So, here is the ``end of the world headline":
From About probabilities to hit planets: The highest impact probability for a planet is with Venus (26%), followed by the Earth (10%) and Mercury (3%). The odds of Bennu striking Mars are only 0.8% and there is a 0.2% chance that Bennu will eventually collide with Jupiter. How are these estimates done? From known position and velocity data, given the position of the planets at each time, the asteriod's trajectory is described by a differential equation. Now, one just has to numerically compute the trajectory and assume a model about the error distribution of the positions and momentum. One can then determine the regions of initial conditions for which the asteriod hits a certain planet in the future.
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