Math 19b, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Spring, 2011

Japan Earthquake

Source: Japan earth quake.
Here is an attempt to get the shape of the 502 quakes (Mar 13- Mar 16, 2011). The data were fitted using Mathematica with a quadratic curve (a + b t + c t2,t) This parabola roughly has the shape of the Japanese coast. The quake, the tsunami and the nuclear disaster is a terrible tragedy. Better prediction could help to soften the disasters. In the Tsunami tragedy of 2005, one has seen that more knowledge of water waves would have helped. Scientists had raced during the same night to predict the water levels in Bali. In an ideal situation we could predict the quakes days before and shut down power plants. The animation of the quakes shows that in this case, there were early signs.

Data fitted from Earthquake USGS gov.