Summer impressions, VI 2020

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Click for a larger picture. Pictures from runs done early August
The Brooks estate in Medford. From the veranda of the Shepherd Books Manor The estate with Victorian buildings was first settled in 1660. The Brooks pond in a historic landscape Deserted Medford High school. School field of Medford High. Starbucks in Wayside Shopping mall in Bedford. Near Summit drive. Some nice trails here A bit tricky but there are connection trails to Willard's woods On one of these trails Near Willards woods on the way to Lexington center Some unaccounted more recent ruins on the Brooks estate. On the Medford-Brooks estate Land trust From Medford to Arlington On one of the many ``power line trails" (which are often dead ends however) Woburn (had been a farm but was settled with houses recently) Shaker Glen Brook Nice quiet trail, not well known. A bit of a climb from here. A bit tricky: finding connection to power line trail Pipeline trail in Mary Cummings park. Pond in Whipple Hill Again in Shaker Glen trail Very close to the I 95.

A charming fairy house in the middle of the Shaker Glen Brook. (there is even a fairy inside (really), but we should not disturb).
Oliver Knill, August 11, 2020,