Providence, 2015/2016

We spent the days around the new year in Providence in the Old Court Bed and Breakfast. Some photos are from a visit at the RISD museum.
Some photos| Chimera 3D

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Chimera photographed with an iphone at the RISD, then processed with Catch 123 Chimera PLY| Texture 1 JPG| Texture 2 JPG| Texture 3 JPG| Zip file with OBJ and Textures| Chimera STL (for 3D printing)| Preview the STL file using WebGL| it got also uploaded to shapeways and is now being 3D printed. Mathematica can import the PLY but can not yet include the textures. See also the a larger picture with the mesh. The screen shot to the right is from within Mesh lab using the above files.


To see a panorama picture large, click on a picture. Note that these are very large files.

Oliver Knill, December 2015/January 2016,