Chimera from RISD

This Chimera stone statue was photographed by Oliver with an iphone at the RISD in Providence, then processed with Catch 123 cleaned up a bit with meshlab, then imported into Mathematica: here are the 3D files:

Chimera PLY| Texture 1 JPG| Texture 2 JPG| Texture 3 JPG
| ZIP file with OBJ, MTL and Textures| Chimera STL (for 3D printing)| Preview the STL file using WebGL| In Shapeways. The Chimera was used as a tomb guardian in China. It rested on top of a tall pillar leading to the tomb of a member of one of the ruling families at Nanjing. It was created during the years 475-524 and is so 1500 years old.

Update: January 14, 2016: First the picture from the museum, then a printout from Shapeways and finally a much simplified mesh colored: click for a larger picture.
Some panoramas| Some Photos.

Click for a 5000 pixel version.

Oliver Knill, December 2015/January 2016,