Twitter Diary Summer 2009

"Twitter type" diaries are terribly boring. This is the one from summer 2009. I like to compare on different days to look back and see what was done when in other years. This was a fun summer. I had planned to use the summer to clean up old stuff but I ended up spending a lot of time playing around with completely new things. The vision part used insane amount of time programming (usually done in starbucks in blocks of 2 hours, where I can not be disturbed). Especially the C program dealing with movies was hard. I also spent much more time than anticipated with the summer school course. Partly because of large class of 52 students, partly because of the reduction to 6 weeks and partly because I decided to reorganize my notes and homework as well as to write close to 100 percent of the exams new.

26-5-2009: The Tuesday after memorial day is cold. Yesterday, I had a nice bike ride at the sun through Medford, Stoneham, Melrose, Wakefield, Middleton, along the Andower Meadow Pond, through the Harold Parker State Forest, back on the 28 through Reading, Winchester. It had been a nice 3 hour ride with a short stop on the 114 at a Dunkin Doughnuts. Got some upper level CA feedback. Finally, in the evening, the problems with segmentation faults for the computer vision programming have been resolved. C programming can be frustrating since a small error produces completely unexpected results which are sometimes so subtle that they only appear when testing different operating systems (OS X and linux). Smaller things like a website for a rhetorics course and help with a conference.
27-5-2009: Started with homework for Summerschool. Over the break, after sweating on the bike in the Hemenway gym, I work in Au Bon Pain (all other coffee shops are full) on an exposition on the exponential map. A lot of programming in the morning (Starbucks and office) on computer vision. During run, think about adding again smaller picture versions and not smoothed pictures. Meeting with Jose at 4 PM. How to implement second derivatives for corner detection. What is the analog of Sobel for second derivatives. A first implementation with 3x3 filters does not yet give the right results. We discuss SUSAN type corner detection. Edge detection works beautifully. Add an other movie clip to the Math movie page.
28-5-2009: Work on rhetorik in the morning, High rise stop and work on corner detection and a summary page, which now works. Running the usual MIT tour with competition up to Harvard bridge. coffee shops are again full and work in Continuing Education Coffee on a planned "360 wire web" which also contains a good problem for summer school. Meet Bob Strain quickly. He has nice new results on Vlasov-Maxwell. Start computing caustic measures. Talk with Arthur about the server. In the evening, work on Jordan. Problem with finding the isomorphism in case of multiple dimension gains.
29-5-2009: Jose sent an interesting paper on comparing various corner and feature detection algorithms. The corner detection works now pretty well after doing a blow up trick. Nice. I think we can do feature tracking now. Write again a bit on computer vision text in high rise. Its a rainy day. Run through Alston and back along river. Pizza. I think I understand the Jordan simplification. Administrative work in the afternoon, more CA feedback. Meet with a student in the afternoon, rhetorik at night.
30-5-2009: The cat comes visiting early in the morning and sits at the window of the bedroom, where the birds are within a few centimeters from her face, but unreachable. Work on rhetorics, read some edge detection stuff. 2 1/4 hour bike ride through Lincoln, Maynard, Acton, Concord, Lincoln, Lexington. Idea of Fourier edge detection. Work on this in the Arlington Center Starbucks. Shopping. Work on gear 360 movies in the night and add two more rhetorik pages.
31-5-2009: Morning updates on rhetorics. An interesting newsweek article which mentions Gaussian Copula function, the "rocket fuel" for collateralized debt obligation, which is cited as one of the reasons for the finance disaster. See "The formula that killed Wall street". Running, while clouds gather up. Read two chapters of 'Count of monte Christo". During running, work out some nice metric geodesic spaces, things work abstractly quite well, even dimensions. Implement Fourier edge detection at Starbucks and seems to work. Chess with Ben.
01-6-2009: Again work on vision. High rise. Write to Jose. Make a Science Museum run, work in Starbucks on finite geometry. Close the axioms for geodesic spaces. Have global existence of geodesic flows. Buy a book in Coop for history. Family watches "Oil" movie on youtube. Pay bills. Rhetorik entry for 1. June and cleanup of program.
02-6-2009: Updates on rhetorik. Work on local geodesic spaces. In the morning. Looks very natural. Mathematica experiments with geodesics work well. Bike tour: after post office to Medford, along 93 to Stoneham, along 38 to Wakefield along Quannapowitt lake to north reading. This is a nice road which I made now many times already. I chase the blue sky but it reciedes to the north. There is still some sun the rest of the ride. Also the rest, along 96, to Wilmington, Burlington and then along 3A to Woburn to Lexington is already a classic. After a shower, work at Starbucks while Ben has two friends over. Finally found an other bug in the matching procedures. This works now. A bit of history work. I definitely need to invest there more. In the evening more experiments, shopping.
03-6-2009: Morning: need new axiom. Group structure on geodesics. Read in "Analysis by its history". What group structures are possible? Go to office, talk with Susan G, get movie from Susan M which I start looking in the evening. A nice standard MIT run with some competition. I have some stomach problems, but nevertheless, I try out Chipotte. Dan comes by and talks about complex analysis and p-adic analysis. Then work with Jose. We make some movies with Rubik cube turning and on a moving piano.
04-6-2009: Wake up late from the sound of the trash collectors. Can run after them still. Stay at home and work on the caustic report. It goes slow and I get stuck with Mathieu operator stuff. Run in the partly cloudy day around the Mystic lakes. Still do not feel good. A cloud follows me. Ben has many visitors. After finishing a stew, go to Starbucks and work on C. Seems not always to work. In the evening, convince myself that some additional assumptions are necessary. But these conditions on the connection can be checked locally. Ruth brings a box of lady bugs for the garden. Work a two pages for rhetorics.
05-6-2009: Friday John comes. We have to leave early. Last day of the Mac gym. Run the MIT route, Pinoccio where I read in "Count of Monte Christo", work in Starbucks on Gauss-Bonnet. It needs additional assumptions. Work on pedagogy curriculum page a bit. In the evening see clearer what conditions are necessary. The second derivative of the speed on the second unit circle has to be zero. A triangular grid does not work for example. In the evening. Work on rhetorics. Shlomos page.
06-6-2009: Rhetorik work. Fundamental theorem of algebra animation. Run through Symmes development project site. They seem to have trouble to get the money for continuing the work on it. Short ride with family and eat in Panera Bread.
07-6-2009: Work on animation of fundamental theorem of algebra. Sunday ride along 3 to Chemsford back on route 4. About 1 hour 45 minutes. Quite a fast ride. Ride with family over hills to Woburn and stop at Starbucks. Understand a new condition to have C defined. History page in evening with 360 degree panorama of over 3000 mathematicians. Nice puzzle with 6 hexagons, which I found on the curb which is a simple combinatorial problem. Add other page on rhetorik.
08-5-2009: Surprise: hear back from probability book publisher about my probability text. Preface and author page for probability book. Work half the day for the book cover and back as well as an update to the probability book. Get an email about deleting content on rhetorik and got an interesting new page. Running in the Danehy park in Cambridge. I'm still not feeling very strong in running. But it was a nice sunny day.
09-5-2009: Work on tracking points in "high rise". Rainy Things seem to work pretty well. Also have more hope about Gauss-Bonnet. Some administrative archive work. Now, when the mac is closed, run from Hemenway to MIT over Salt and Pepper bridge and eat a salad in the physics library. Continue to read "count of Monte Christo". In the evening, work a bit in Starbucks center: Mathematica visualization of tracking points. Snag in the evening. There are basic polyhedra examples, where Gauss-Bonet fails.
10-6-2009: Work on rhetorics (webby awards). Make more visualizations of tracking. More hope about Gauss-Bonnet. We might need a two-dimensional setup as well as a large enough injectivity radius. Can one prove it from Eulers formula? Still an other gray day. Don't forget Dentist on Friday! There is something nice in this "twitter-type" diary. I can look back and see what I did last year at this day. Variant of a thought: there are two people in Boston, which have the same number of hairs. Meet with Jose in the afternoon, make movie in 5th floor. In the evening, animation of 3400 mathematicians. Order Scanner to organize some stuff at home.
11-6-2009: Work from home in the morning. Cube visualization for C. works well. I think this there will be a nice result. Green page for history page.
12-6-2009: Administrative day. Talk about Jordan form project. Run around Fresh pond. CA draft goes out. Jobs for Mathjobs. Old course archive. In the evening, work on rhetorics. The scanner arrives. I run a few of my old course notes through it. Its extremely fast.
13-6-2009: Nice sunny day. While watching Mansfield park (again), finish program which checks Gauss Bonnet. Things work beautifully. Bike 3 hours along "lost route" through Fels along 114 to Andover on a new route along Haggets Pond to Tewsbury Back on the 38 to Woburn. Got a bit too much sun on my back. Work a bit in Starbucks on Hue to RGB in C.
14-6-2009: Work on region stuff, C of boundary. Illustrations. Barry, Communication forms. Scan course ware, rhetorics. Watch "Kung Fu" on Youtube with David Carradine, who just died. Bike in the rain (Parkstreet, freeway, Belmont, Waltham,Lexington). Walk with family to Panera, rent movies. See Animal house, which is quite fun.
15-6-2009: Work 2 hours at home and then at high rise on Gauss-Bonnet. Go to office, talk to Robin, write to Bok Center and run a short run along the river. They made a new path along the river near the boat house in Alston. After a coffee in the physics (work a bit on polyhedra) go back to the office, meet with a student and Dan. Program a bit on computer vision. Watch "international" while working on some discrete stuff.
16-6-2009: Start work at home, then continue in Starbucks on computer vision, then go running to Belmont. It is a nice day and I break a slightly different route: to Belmont station then return along the tracks back. In the gym, had looked at tiles and try in my head to compute C. Convince myself it works at first, but then it does not. The problem is that the unit sphere has 0 and 1 dimensional components. Work in the night on cube case as well as other situations. The cube case did not work for a long time but the problem was one sphere which is 2 dimensional. Removing some edges solves it. Today only minor work on computer vision. While working on this quite work intensive drawings in Mathematica, watch revolutionary road, reservation road and sense and sensibility. I need to push this more tomorrow.
17-6-2009: Since worked until late, get up late. There is a problem with a rectangular crossed lattice. Now realize it is the dimension of the spheres which does not work. Since the sun seems to disappear, I go running in the Danehey park. Barefoot and get promptly stung by a bee. Start working on the summer school, but not yet really. Have a nice polyhedron which works. A neighbor comes by about a skunk.
18-6-2009: The cat comes early. Check an other case and seem to understand what is going on. Work 2 hours in the morning on the summer school. During running up the river, have an idea of a proof. It starts raining, when I come out of the gym. Eat in Dado coffee and continue to work on first week material. Biking home in the rain. Have a flat tire and almost fall at the entrance to Arlington. Buy new tubes. Work on a rhetorik story and continue watching eagle eye.
19-6-2009: Rain in the morning. Work in the morning a bit on the summer school. First at home on the presentation, then at work. Count more C. Run up the river, then down the river and through Central square back to Harvard during light rain. Think to have a proof and a list of basic deformation steps. Eat a salad in high rise while reading more in count of Monte Christo. The scratched feet heal fast without any bandages or plasters. In the afternoon, work on homework for first week. Evening: directory project for history page. Work on rhetorics.
20-6-2009: Rainy weekend. But the bike ride through the Fels is quite lucky. We go to see the movie "hangover" after eating a sandwich in Dado tea.
21-6-2009: Work on polyhedra, especially building graphs up in Mathematica. Watch the movie persuasion again. Only a short run to Robbins farm. In the evening, we eat some Japanese food. Work on summer school and a rhetorik page on crabbs.
22-6-2009: Again a soggy day. Ben's first day in Boston. I finalize the course, work in the caffee on the lecture and then on the presentation. Make some fotos for dep, little administrative work. Go with Ben to Panera Bred. In the evening very little computer vision, then go to bed relatively early.
23-6-2009: Early rise. Bike to school. First lecture is quite full. Is ok. Meet with students in the afternoon. Go home already at 5, work a bit on computer vision and watch Emma. Can we characterize flat domains?
24-6-2009: In the morning flatness. Start working in Starbucks. Meet with students and work with Jose on his thesis in the afternoon. Especially on the Harris curvature model. Work on some curvature Mathematica stuff and watch "defiance", which is done very nicely.
25-6-2009: Second lecture. Run in Cambridge trying to catch the sun. Half blue sky half rainy clouds. It has not been a hot summer so far. A lot of thinking on C12,C60.
26-6-2009: Work in the morning on the caustic folder in high rise. Run to MIT and meet in the afternoon with students. Burrito as usual. Question of continuum limit is not clear.
27-6-2009: Don't understand the secondary boundary. Make experiments. Work on rhetorics. Bike to Bedford, Concord. Work on summerschool in the afternoon. Panerra in the afternoon and think about continuum limit again without success. It seems that the discrete case is an other beast.
28-6-2009: Charles river run in the morning. Went ok. For my state of training, its not bad. I should have a little less weight. I'm a few seconds above the time of last year. I drove in on my bike in little rain. The weather was then dry during the run. I returned through Watertown, Belmont, back to Watertown and Belmont to Arlington. Work in the morning a bit on Puisaux. Watch count of Monte Christo (with Depardieu). His cell number in Chateau d'if is 34. Funny, we live in 34 school street and my office is 434.
29-6-2009: Work on paper in the morning and finalize notes. Run only shortly along the river. Have some little sun at the end of the run. Students in the afternoon. Experiment with some "media formula" in the evening.
30-6-2009: Class in the morning. Still relatively cold for summer. Again only make a short run. Work a bit on polyhedra in the afternoon and then computervision link program in the evening. Work in Starbucks of Arlington center, where I can concentrate. Find finally a chm2pdf program to read some computer science books.
01-7-2009: Go late from home. Work a bit on vision and mostly on flat surfaces. Short run as usual now. Meet with Jose and work on his thesis. Find in the evening a surface with a counter example.
02-7-2009: Teach in the morning. Rainy day again. Run around fresh pond through puddles. Surface counter example solved. See Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Work on lecture notes and homework.
03-7-2009: Since gym is closed, I work in Arlington. In the morning in Arlington Heights Starbucks. See quickly Ken. Then in Arlington Center Starbucks. The sun appears quickly and I make a bike ride around Wakefield. A route, I made before around the Fels but cutting back from Wakefield along Elm street to Woburn. Correspondence with Frank about gscan2pdf and some experiments. Continue building polyhedra machine with Mathematica and this was an other Starbucks gig in the evening and shopping in Foodmaster. Answering student questions and work on rhetorics in the evening.
04-7-2009: Get up relatively late at 9. Work on rhetorics. Today is 4th of July. Make a Woburn hill run. Its nice and sunny, but I'm not well in shape for the 2:30 hour run through Winchester center and along Horn pond. Start writing the first midterm exam. We see "Angels and Deamons" in Capitol theaters.
05-7-2009: Bike ride along 3 north towards Lowell but then back on 62 with a cut through Burlington, Bedford, Concord, Lincoln. In the evening work at Starbucks on polyhedron machine. Is quite complex and things go glacially slow. Work more on rhetorics.
06-7-2009: Busy day for summerschool preparation. Lecture preparation, exam writing in the morning. Meeting with students in the noon and afternoon. Run over Science Center. There is a nice new park now added in the south of Boston. Have some competition on the way back. In the evening some work on 2d geometry. Conditions on degree and deformation.
07-7-2009: Class in the morning. It is again a rainy day. This summer is quite cool.
08-7-2009: Work on the exam in the morning and bring it to the copy company. They did not deliver at 4 PM. Meet with Jose and then work with students until 7 PM and copy the exams. Today at a strange date. In the afternoon work on larger cylinders for which c60 does not work. I dreamed from that tonight. The run in the noon had been very fast with a few competitors, the last of which got me from MIT to Harvard.
09-7-2009: The first exam in the morning goes well. We put three tables upfront and can accommodate everybody. The weather is not bad. After a quick grading start at the sun outside, I go running in Daheney park. The clouds are coming in but I can finish the run in the sun, shower while the clouds pass and then continue grading. The sun comes back and I can until 6 PM grade outside.
10-7-2009: Nice sunny day. I finish grading in the morning in the sun outside the department. Then a run the Belmond track run. Saw some interesting track maintainance cars running on the rails near Belmond, probably to keep the tracks free from weed. Think about Levy Civita connections, there must be a right notion. Have still problems with plantar on left foot and feel it after an hour of running. I decide to throw away the running shoes and get new, more expensive once. Also get a hair cut, buy a new backback (my old one always opened and I once almost lost my laptop). Back at the department, I finish up the exam stuff. In the evening work on rhetorics and thoughts about connections.
11-7-2009: The Cat visits early in the morning. Update this diary. Looks like a nice day. This will be a biking day. Nice ride through Concord, Sudbury, South to Framingham, back trough Lake Conchituate, Waltham. Nice Sunny ride.
12-7-2009: Work a bit in the morning on billard and random walk in the garden while Ruth makes yoga in the shade. At noon, I run with the new shoes along the standard Belmont-Waltham route. Much better with my feet. Bike ride with Ben and Ruth to Lexington. Eat something small on the lawn, where we also see a small rabbit. Back, work on some rhetorics, put Ruth's business on google map, some more on the course, computer vision correction as well as some rotationally symmetric polyhedra.
13-7-2009: Monday, as usual, I work on the course notes in the morning. Have biked in with my fast bike. Meet students in the afternoon. Build a magic "carpet" with a 7 polygon. Does C60 hold? Will have to build that in 3D. But there is not enough time this summer.
14-7-2009: Class in the morning. Extrema. Work in the afternoon and night on fullerenes. Don't go to the faculty meeting. Last year, I had been making a long bike ride at that time of the summer.
15-7-2009: Continue to make tests with giant fullerenes which is no surprise. Nice run along Cambridge street at the sun through Charles town under Tobin bridge and Boston naval ship yard. Work on computer vision and meet with Jose in the afternoon. We make some movies in the 5th floor and outside. In the evening, produce 3 practice exams for the second midterm.
16-7-2009: Double integral lecture. Stay until 1. Then go to the gym. Bike and weights today and no run to heal the heel. In the afternoon, work a bit on graphs. Seem to have a class of graphs where things work. Does it?
17-7-2009: Finish programming of two layer graph. Does not work. Start with exam writing. Run through Mt Auburn street all the way to Watertown and back on the river (with competition). Continue to work on the course. Dan looks by. Photo the "Brinck" for an exhibit of my summer school page. In the evening work on rhetorics, while watching again the "man with the iron mask" and "French kiss".
18-7-2009: Continue to work on rhetorics. Bike ride through Lexington, along 128 to Burlington, Wilmington, back to Burlington along 3a and Lexington. Followed by a nice hour in the sun. The clouds come. But nice afternoon. Work in Starbucks on cylinders above flat regions. Things do not add up. More smoothness needed?
19-7-2009: Programming at cylinders. Surprise, things add up only without holes. There is too much weight on the interior. Work on the course mostly. Exam writing outside. Programming on Archimedean solids in starbucks.
20-7-2009: Course work, homework and notes in the morning. Running still in the sun around Freshpond, but clouds are coming in. Think about gluing fullerene. The sum is there definitely too large.
21-7-2009: Triple integral and spherical integral lecture in the morning. Rainy day. Bike in the noon. Work on vision and exam. Finalize the exam in the night and also finish the Mathematica project for the course.
22-7-2009: Bring the exam to press. Work in Dado tea, then run the Beacon street run to the Science museum and back on the Boston side. Even so it is not sunny, it was still nice. More work in the physics coffee shop on vision and worry about how the 7 67 case can be reduced. Do we need a connection? The points have to be selected carefully. Work with Jose in the afternoon. Need to copy exams since the copies did not arrive.
23-7-2009: Second midterm. Wet day. Only go shortly to the gym. Grade in the afternoon, partly in Starbucks. Come back late and start implementing the generation of all deg 4-5 2D graphs. Some rhetorik preparations.
24-7-2009: Do not sleep well and program a bit in the night. Rhetorik stuff, and new courses updates for department.
25-7-2009: Class notes, work outside in the morning at the table. Nice bike ride along 3a to Lowell and back along 4 to Bedford. Becomes one of my favorate routes. Some cold milk in a thermos is a surprise in Bedford. Work in Starbucks in the afternoon on discrete stuff.
26-7-2009: Work on positive C a bit and the abstract concept. Start planning the fall semester. Work on course notes outside. Run around the Lexington meadow. Was lucky to still have some sun. A serious water leak in the basement in the evening. Big mess to clean up. Work a bit more on course and on C12 theorem.
27-7-2009: Monday morning work on course in the office. Office hours in the afternoon. Find an important new condition for C with complement.
28-7-2009: Lecture in the morning. Nice day. I have heel problems. Run around the lake in Belmont. Eat in "high rise" near Burdicks. They make good salads too. Add some shrimps in the market. Work on rhetorics in the evening as well as on some vision stuff.
29-7-2009: First reconstruction run. Not yet good but I'm more comfortable. Work in "high rise", and feel almost nostalgic because the summer is almost over and this will soon no more be possible.
30-7-2009: A lot of garbage had to be thrown out due to the water leak in the basement. Much of my photocopied documents are wet. Last lecture about stokes and divergence theorem. I run through Sommerville along the Prospect Hill Castle, where on July 18, 1775 the first American flag was raised. There is a nice view over Boston from here. The run went then to the Science museum and back on the Cambridge side. I'm lucky with partly sunny weather. Eat a salad near Harvard square outside, get a bottle of coke and grade Mathematica projects with a gallery. Go shopping in the evening.
31-7-2009: Work in Starbucks in the morning a bit on vision. Stay on bike in the gym to cure the heel problem. Rainy bike ride back. Can not avoid the rain which starts within minutes after leaving the science center. I stay near Lesley under a roof and afterwards go to Anna Taquera.
01-8-2009: Work outside a bit on this Saturday. Swiss national day. Nice sunny bike ride to Bellerica along Turnpike parallel to 3a. Back to Bedford. Surprise. I thought of coming in more to the north. Work in Starbucks a bit more on convex polyhedra.
02-8-2009: Work on the exam on this Sunday morning. Bike ride around the Cambridge reservoir. I get stuck and pass through the Conference center of the Massachusetts medical school. It just starts to rain, when I return through Waltham.
03-8-2009: In the morning, work on administrative stuff and a bit on exams as well as tiny bit on review. Office hours in the afternoon until late. Then more work on exam in the evening as well as serious review preparation. Especially weeding out old slides and make them look nicer.
04-8-2009: Tuesday: Review in the morning which went pretty well. Discussions until 12:30. After some update work run along the river (the standard upper river route). Pretty slow due to heel problems. But it was a nice sunny day. In the afternoon, start to organize for the fall and got rooms for the midterms. Finish the exam and bring it to the printer. In the night, after some procrastination, work on vision.
05-8-2009: Work at home first then in the Arlington Center Starbucks on Vision. Things are getting tight in time. Bike ride to Bedford-Bellerica (along Pike and hills), back on 3a which is busy as usual. I usually drive this street in the opposite direction. Nice weather. Ride to Harvard, then for meetings, also with students who have their exam tomorrow.
06-8-2009: Exam day and grading all day until 8 in the evening. Try to finish as much as possible. A lot of unexpected additional tasks come. A bit a crazy day. But on track. Did only a very short gym visit today and mostly worked in Starbucks on grading.
07-8-2009: Morgen noch Arbeit. Velofahrt ueber Fels, Stoneham, Reading and back. Travel to Switzerland in the evning. We take a taxi and shop at the airport. We have enough time to make the tour of all terminals by foot.
08-8-2009: Der Flug geht gut. Essen mit Familie. Schneller Lauf im Regen via Rheinfall Flurlingen. Früh schlafen.
09-8-2009: Good breakfast. Bike ride through Weinland with Pipo.
10-8-2009: In the morning go to the train station. Have a nice ride to Winterthur from where we can go directly to Visp. Buy something in "Migros" shop and then take the bus to Ausserberg. Nice walk up to the alp. The sun has just appeared on time. We eat fondu in the evening and then go to bed.
11-8-2009: It is still a bit foggy and we eat inside this morning. Ben and Ruti walk through the Baltschiedertal while I enjoy the sun outside at the table. We eat maccaroni in the evening and play some games like "serata".
12-8-2009: Nice perfect day. We make a walk up to the Ranft in the sun. Eat some berries. The cherries are not yet ripe enough. We are 2 weeks earlier than last year. We don't yet know whether to return on Thursday or add an other day.
13-8-2009: The wheather is so great that we stay longer. We have a nice long walk to the middle part of the Baltschieder valley. We admire many butterflies and also eat a great amoung of berries and cool the feet in the cold water of the "holy waters".
14-8-2009: Clean up and walk down to the station. We decide to take the bus again but have to pay a bit more. The ride back is mostly in the bistro and its pleasant until Zuerich, where we have to change trains. From Buelach on a very slow train. Dad takes us from the station. We eat without Pipo tonight racclette.
15-8-2009: I make only a short run through Flurlingen. Work outside mostly on the computer. Pipo, Raegi and kids come in the evening. We eat outside. The red cat comes to visit in the night.
16-8-2009: Get up relatively early. Perfect day. I swim a couple of times. A longer run through the Cholfirst. A route I have made a lot the other way round: Gruet, towards Schlatt, then back on the rist to Feuerthalen.
17-8-2009: Last day. Some Swimming in the pool and relaxing. Tonight we fly to Israel.
18-8-2009: Flight to Israel. We fly in the night with Swissair and arrive at dawn in the morning. We pick up the rental car and drive to TelAviv where we sleep 2 hours before meeting Margalit and her sisters and also cut hairs. We make then a tour of Galilae through Tabarias, swim in the Galilae sea and then eat a St Peters fish in En Gev, before driving back through Afula and Nazaret back to Haifa. It is 21 years now that I have seen the galilae the first time. It had been Dahoud Beschuti from the mathematics department at the Technion who had given me a tour of the galilee the first time. I also have toured later with Swiss friends and then of course several times with Ruth, who was born there as well as with Ruth and Ben like now.
19-8-2009: We meet Ruths family again in the morning. Also Asnat who comes from Tel Aviv. Then we drive to Jerusalem (it turned out to be a bit an erratic path, since we tried a shortcut) and the dead sea, where we have a swim near Kalya. The visit in Jerusalem was short by nature and we only passed the center, but ate near the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. When I had visited Jerusalem the first time 21 years ago, I had been driving here directly from the galilae through the Westbank and also continued by car through Nazareth.
20-8-2009: After an other coffee shop visit with family, we go to the beech in Haifa. Ben gets a bit burned. In the evening we see the latest Harry Potter movie in the big movie theater near the "checkpost". The mall is still very much alive at midnight, when we get back to the hotel.
21-8-2009: We Drive to Tel Aviv and stay with ant Osnat. In the afternoon, we eat fish at the beach of Tel Aviv. We will have to get up early in the morning and go to sleep early.
22-8-2009: Flight back from Israel to Frankfurt. We make a little boat tour on the river Main which is amazingly connected both to Amsterdam through the Rhein and the black sea through the Donau. The rhein-main-donau channel renders Europe is topologically not connected. We also see the Altstadt the flee market, the fruit marked before heading back with the S-Bahn from Hauptwache to the airport.
23-8-2009: We get up early as usual after coming from Switzerland the jetlag still hits. Finish with organizing photos. Summer school remnants, prepairing for the start of the semester. A relatively short bike ride through Woburn.
24-8-2009: An other early start at 4 AM. This is the end of the twitter diary.

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