Margalit Dgani,

Margalit Dgani was born on August 13, 1925 in Zafad and died on June 7, 2020 in Haifa. Click for a picture to see it larger
Margalin in around 1945 Margalit in 1991
Margalit and her husband Aaron at wedding Margalit and her husband Aaron around 1972 doing math
Father of Aaron, Mother of Margalit, Margalit, Aaron, Mother of Aaron, Father of Margalit (Ederi) had already passed away
Margalit and her husband Aaron around 1971 in Haifa Margalit and dauthers
Margalit and Ruti, 1989 Margalit and Ruti, around 2006
Margalit, Shushi and Simcha, Ruti and Oliver Margalit Ronny and Hadassa
Little Women! Three daugthers and Margalit, 2003 margalit 1991
Margalit, 2006 Margalit, 2019
Added February 2024: probably in the late 1980ies: