Ph.D. Students of Benedict H. Gross

1 Federer, Leslie Regulators and Iwasawa Modules Princeton 1982
2 Dorman, David Special values of the elliptic modular function and factorization formulae Brown 1984
3 Freije, Richard Intersection formulae and volume calculations for Mumford curves Brown 1986
4 Ulmer, Douglas The arithmetic of universal elliptic modular curves Brown 1987
5 Keating, Kevin Lifting endomorphisms of formal groups Harvard 1987
6 Elkies, Noam Supersingular primes of a given elliptic curve over a number-field Harvard 1987
7 Hatcher, Rhonda Heights and L-series Harvard 1988
8 Roberts, David Shimura curves analogous to X0(N) Harvard 1989
9 Prasad, Dipendra Trilinear forms for GL2 of a local field and efactors Harvard 1989
10 Darmon, Henri Refined class number formulas for derivatives of L-series Harvard 1991
11 Kotz, David P-adic computation of singular moduli Harvard 1992
12 Dummigan, Neil The second descent for certain families of Mordell-Weil lattices Harvard 1993
13 Hajir, Farshid Unramified elliptic units M.I.T. 1993
14 Hagedorn, Tom Multiplications in restricted representations of GLn(q), Un(q), and SOn(q) Harvard 1994
15 Yu, Jiu-Kang A-divisible modules, period maps, and quasicanonical liftings Harvard 1994
16 Rumelhart, Karl Minimal representations of exceptional padic groups.  Harvard 1995
17 Conrad, Keith p-adic Gamma functions Harvard 1997
18 Loke, Hung Yean Exceptional Lie groups and Lie algebras Harvard 1997
19 Ofer, Adi Abelian L-functions twisted by algebraic tori. Harvard 1997
20 Gan, Wee Teck Exceptional theta correspondences Harvard 1998
21 Pollack, David Explicit Hecke actions on modular forms Harvard 1998
22 Padowitz, Seth Traces of Hecke operators Harvard 1998
23 Lansky, Josh Hecke rings of groups over local fields Harvard 1998
24 Goldstein, Susan Spin representations and lattices Harvard 1998
25 Engelward, Andy Models over Z for locally quasi-split algebraic groups Harvard 1999
26 Yang, Huan Hecke operators on Siegel modular forms Harvard 2002
27 Lucianovic, Mark Quaternion rings and ternary quadratic forms Harvard 2003
28 Popa, Alexandru Central values of L-series over real quadratic fields Harvard 2003 
29 Weissman, Martin The Fourier-Jacobi map and small representations Harvard 2003
30 Roe, David The local Langlands correspondence for tamely ramified parameters Harvard 2011
31 Kane, Daniel Deligne-Lusztig curves Harvard 2011
32 Thorne, Jack The arithmetic of simple singularities Harvard 2012
33 Wang, Xiaoheng  Pencils of quadrics and Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves Harvard 2013
34 Tsai, Pei-Yu On new forms for generic representations of split special odd orthogonal groups Harvard 2013
35 Tsai, Cheng-Chiang A formula for some Shalika germs Harvard 2015
36 Li, Chao 2-Selmer groups and Heegner points on elliptic curves Harvard 2015
37 Fintzen, Jessica On the Moy-Prasad filtration and stable vectors Harvard 2016
38 Bland, Jason On the arithmetic of hyperelliptic curves Harvard 2016