The conference banquet will be held at:

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
136 Irving Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
5:30-9:30pm, Aug 29, Friday.

The website of AAAS:

Directions to AAAS:
How to get to the AAAS from Harvard Science Center(By walking or
by car from Science Center):

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Step 1. Get to Oxford Street from Science Center Oxford entrance, turn
right into Kirkland St.
Step 2. Follow Kirkland Street for four blocks. Turn left onto Irving Street. Bear middle (three ways forward) at the next intersection onto Scott Street. Merge forward into Bryant St.
Step 3. Turn left into Beacon Street. At the next corner is the pedestrian entrance to the Academy (200 Beacon Street).
Step 4. Park and enter the Academy grounds by the gate; follow the pathway to the main entrance at 200 Beacon Street. Please follow all parking restrictions, including" Resident permit only", as posted by Cambridge and Somerville.

Walking (only 10 minuetes) to AAAS is preferable since we have parking permits for 20 cars only.