Harvard University,FAS
Fall 2004

Mathematics Math21b
Fall 2004

Linear Algebra
and Differential Equations

Course Head: Oliver knill
Office: SciCtr 434
Email: knill@math.harvard.edu
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On History of Chinese Mathematics Gauss Jordan Game A problem from the movie "Perfect Score" 2x2 matrices
A linear algebra lesson Singing surfaces Sugimoto Fotos Sound manipulation
History of vector spaces Linear algebra and Imageprocessing Reflection and Rotation Reflection at nonlinear mirror

Exhibit Fall 2003

Double Pendulum Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Laplace Equation Data Fitting
Tacoma Bridge Waves in 2D Goodwill hunting Dimension of MA coast
Heat and Wave The Hydrogen Atom Fourier Series Differential equations in the plane
Nonlinear discrete dynamical system Determinants in physics Projection and Rotation Diagonalization in Politics
Dataanalysis and Dow Jones Noninteger dimensions Linear algebra in art Linear algebra in mechanics

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