Harvard Number Theory Seminar

Wednesdays 3 -- 4 pm

Schedule (Spring 2020)

Feb. 5 Jordan Ellenberg (Wisconsin-Madison) Counting rational points on stacks
Feb. 12 Rachel Pries (Colorado State) The intersection of the Torelli locus with the non-ordinary locus in PEL-type Shimura varieties
Feb. 19 Ila Varma (UToronto/UCSD) Malle's conjecture for octic D_4-fields
Feb. 26 Florian Richter (Northwestern) Dynamical generalizations of the prime number theorem and disjointness of additive and multiplicative semigroup actions.
Mar. 4 Alex Cowan (Harvard) Non-random behaviour in sums of modular symbols
Mar. 11 Vesselin Dimitrov (UToronto) Schinzel-Zassenhaus, height gap and overconvergence
Mar. 18 No Seminar (spring break)
Mar. 25 Francesc Fite (MIT) Sato-Tate groups of abelian threefolds. Slides
Apr. 1 Shekhar Khare (UCLA) Wiles defect for Hecke algebras that are not complete intersections. Slides
Apr. 8 Jacob Tsimerman (UToronto) Bounding Selmer groups of finite Galois modules. Slides
Apr. 15 Daniel Kriz (MIT) Converse theorems for supersingular CM elliptic curves. Slides
Apr. 22 Jared Weinstein (BU) Modularity for self-products of elliptic curves over function fields. Slides
Apr. 29 No Seminar Cancelled (due to Covid-19)
May. 6 James Newton (King's College London) Symmetric power functoriality for modular forms. Slides
May. 13 Arthur-Cesar Le Bras (CNRS/Paris-13) Prismatic Dieudonne theory. Slides
May. 20 Preston Wake (Michigan State) Tame derivatives and the Eisenstein ideal

Schedule (Fall 2019)

Sep. 11 Fabian Gundlach (Harvard) Multiplication tables of Galois extensions
Sep. 18 Wei Zhang (MIT) The arithmetic fundamental lemma for diagonal cycles
Sep. 25 Tony Feng (MIT) Steenrod operations and the Artin-Tate pairing
Oct. 2 Ananth Shankar (MIT) Isogenies between abelian varieties in positive and mixed characteristic
Oct. 9 Stefan Patrikis (Utah) Geometric lifts of odd Galois representations
Oct. 16 Bejamin Matschke (BU) Proofs by Example
Oct. 23 Evan O'Dorney (Princeton) Reflection thoerems generalizing the Ohno-Nakagawa identities
Oct. 30 Yifeng Liu (Yale) Isolation of L^2 spectrum and Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture
Nov. 6 Kestutis Cesnavicius (CNRS/Paris-Sud) Purity for flat cohomology
Nov. 13 Daxin Xu (Caltech) Bessel F-isocrystals for reductive groups
Nov. 20 Yihang Zhu (Columbia) Stabilization of the trace formula for abelian-type Shimura varieties
Nov. 27 No Seminar (Thanksgiving)
Dec. 4 Michele Fornea (Princeton) On the Arithmetic of elliptic curves over quintic fields
Dec. 11 Liang Xiao (BICMR/Peking) Slopes of modular forms and ghost conjecture of Bergdall and Pollack

Organized by Fabian Gundlach and Zijian Yao