Informal Geometry and Dynamics Seminar

Spring 2020

Upcoming talks

No more talks this semester. Please check the following pages for other seminars throughout the summer: BiSTRO, ADIOS.

Past talks

Feb 5: Open Neighborhood Seminar: Negatively curved crystals
Curtis McMullen, Harvard University
4:30 - 5:30 pm, Science Center 507 *Different time and venue*
This is part of the Open Neighborhood Seminar.

Feb 19: Spaces of knots in exotic 4-manifolds
Alexander Kupers, Harvard University

Mar 4: Pseudo-Anosov mapping classes with large dilatation
Eriko Hironaka, Harvard University

Mar 11: Billiards, heights and non-arithmetic groups
Curtis McMullen, Harvard University

Mar 25: Absolute period leaves and the Arnoux—Yoccoz example in genus 3
Karl Winsor, Harvard University

April 1: Heights
Curtis McMullen, Harvard University

April 8: Effective density for values of generic quadratic forms
Dubi Kelmer, Boston College

Followed by a 30-min conclusion to the talk from last Wednesday (April 1):
Curtis McMullen, Harvard University

April 15: Framed mapping class groups and strata of abelian differentials
Nick Salter, Columbia University

April 22: Pseudo-Anosov maps and toral automorphisms
Rick Kenyon, Yale University

April 29: Large genus bounds for the distribution of triangulated surfaces in moduli space
Sahana Vasudevan, MIT

May 6: Coarse density of subsets of moduli space
Benjamin Dozier, Stony Brook
[abstract][arxiv paper]

May 13: In the moduli space of Abelian differentials, big invariant subvarieties come from topology
Paul Apisa, Yale University

June 3: Slices of Thurston's Master Teapot
Kathryn Lindsey, Boston College

Harvard Math Department events

Organized by Tina Torkaman, Karl Winsor and Yongquan Zhang

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