Combinatorics and beyond: the many facets of Sergey Fomin,
November 8-11, 2018
University of Michigan

Organizers: T. Lam, D. Speyer, L. Williams, A. Yong


This conference is a celebration of Sergey Fomin's mathematics (and his 60th birthday). It will be held at the University of Michigan.


General information:

Scientific program: the workshop will start on Thursday at 12:30pm (November 8) and end at 5pm on Sunday (November 11).


Conference dinner: the conference dinner will take place on Saturday night. More details will be given later.

Travel: The Detroit Metropolitan Airport is about 25 miles from campus.

Invited participants: When booking flights, please keep in mind NSF and University of Michigan rules. We will be able to partially cover travel for invited participants (the precise meaning of "partially" will depend on the final number of participants, and their needs).

Once your plans are finalized, please e-mail the organizers with your arrival/departure dates and an estimate of your travel expenses.


Workshop supported by NSF DMS-1818766.