Waqar Ali

E-mail   swshah AT math DOT harvard DOT edu
Office   SC 536

I am a fourth year graduate student in the Harvard Department of Mathematics. I work in Iwasawa theory, particularly Euler systems and their applications to Beilinson-Bloch-Kato conjectures in the setting of automorphic motives. My advisor is Barry Mazur.

Research Articles

1)   Anticyclotomic Euler Systems for Unitary Groups with Andrew Graham. Submitted
In this article, we construct Euler systems in the setting of certain unitary Shimura varieties using special cycles on them. The setting is a higher dimensional analogue of the classical modular curve construction using Heegner points as special cycles. In future work, we hope to relate these Euler systems to analytical gadgets like L-functions/automorphic period integrals via explicit reciproicty laws.