Peter Smillie

I am a graduate student at Harvard, working with S.T. Yau.

My research is in differential geometry, Teichmuller theory, and geometric structures. I am also interested in general relativity and other connections to physics.

Office: 324e
Email: smillie {at}
CV (pdf)


  1. The Minkowski problem in regular domains. (with F. Bonsante and A. Seppi) In preparation.
  2. On the bordification of outer space. (with K.-U. Bux, K. Vogtmann) Submitted.
  3. The number of non-negative curvature triangulations of S2. (with P. Engel) Submitted.

Teaching at Harvard

Fa. 2017: Math 21a

Spr. 2017: Math 21a

Fa. 2015: Math 21a

Fa. 2014: Math 21a

Spr. 2013: Math 212br (CA)

Other links

Yau student seminar

My minor thesis, Volumes of arithmetic locally symmetric spaces (pdf)