Andrew Senger

email: senger at math dot harvard dot edu

I am an NSF postdoc at Harvard. I received my PhD in 2021 from MIT under Haynes Miller.

My interests lie in homotopy theory and its applications, broadly construed.

Preprints and Papers:

  1. Obstruction theory and the level n elliptic genus (2022). Submitted.

  2. Unstable homotopy groups, an appendix to How big are the stable homotopy groups of spheres? by Robert Burklund (2022). This appendix is joint work with Robert Burklund. Submitted.

  3. Galois reconstruction of Artin-Tate R-motivic spectra with Robert Burklund and Jeremy Hahn (2020). Submitted.

  4. Inertia groups in the metastable range with Robert Burklund and Jeremy Hahn (2020). Submitted.

  5. Odd primary analogs of Real orientations with Jeremy Hahn and Dylan Wilson (2020). To appear in Geometry & Topology.

  6. On the high-dimensional geography problem with Robert Burklund (2020). Submitted.

  7. On the boundaries of highly connected, almost closed manifolds with Robert Burklund and Jeremy Hahn (2019). To appear in Acta Mathematica.

  8. The Brown-Peterson spectrum is not E_{2(p^2+2)} at odd primes (2017). Submitted.

I am currently supported by NSF Grant DMS-2103236. From 2018-2021, I was supported by NSF Grant DGE-1745302.