Welcome to MATH 292: Cluster Algebras and Cluster Varieties

Location: Science Ctr 411 (FAS)
Meeting Time: Tue, Thurs: 9-10:15am

Lecture note:

There is another cluster algebras class in MIT on MWF 1-2 pm at Room 2-147. People who are interested in cluster algebras are highly recommended to attend!
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References for cluster algebras:

References for cluster varieties:

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References for quiver representations:

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Schedule of the class:

Sept 5: Definition of cluster algebras without frozen variables
Sept 11: Cluster algebras with frozen variables, triangulation of polygon
Sept 13: Cone and fan in toric geometry
Sept 18: Defining cluster varieties by gluing tori
Sept 20: Relating the A and X cluster varieties
Sept 25: Revision
Sept 27: Continue revision, Langlands duality, Y-system
Oct 2: c, g vectors, F polynomials, 'Tomoki Nakanishi and Andrei Zelevinsky. On tropical dualities in cluster algebras'
Oct 4: Cluster algebras from quivers
Oct 9: Caldero-Chapton formula
Oct 11: Simple, projective and injective representations
Oct 16: Auslander-Reiten theory
Oct 18: Cluster category
Oct 23: Guest lecture - Tim Magee: Crash course in toric geometry
Oct 25: Guest lecture - Tim Magee
Oct 30: Scattering diagram
Nov 1: Scattering diagram continue
Nov 6: Computation of scattering diagram
Nov 8: NO Class!
Nov 13: Mutation invariance of the scattering diagram
Nov 15: NO Class!
Nov 20: Broken lines and theta functions
Nov 26: Theta functions (continued)