Seminar on Algebraic Topology (18.915) Seminar on Algebraic Topology (18.915)

Time and place: Mondays and Wednesdays (possibly Fridays) 3:00-4:00pm, Room 2-142

Professor: Jacob Lurie
Office: 2-271
Office hours: TBA (or by appointment).

Prerequisites: A course in algebraic topology at the graduate level (18.906 or equivalent).

Course Description: A reading course in algebraic topology. Students each select three papers (either drawn from a list of classical literature in algebraic topology, or chosen based on personal interest) and take turns presenting to each other over the course of the semester. Some suggested papers.

Schedule: Wednesday September 10: Dustin on "Cohomology theories", E.H. Brown.

Monday September 15: Thomas on "The Steenrod algebra and its dual", J. Milnor.

Wednesday September 17: Rex on "Quelques properietes globales des varietes differentiables", R. Thom.

Wednesday September 24: Nick on "On manifolds homeomorphic to the 7-sphere," J. Milnor.

Monday September 29: Steven on "Higher algebraic K-theory I," D. Quillen.

Wednesday October 1: David on "Groups of Homotopy Spheres", Kervaire/Milnor.

Monday October 6: Dustin on "On the formal group laws of unoriented and complex cobordism theory," D. Quillen

Wednesday October 8: No Class

Wednesday October 15: Rex on "The Geometric Realization of a semi-simplicial complex," J. Milnor.

Monday October 20: Nick on "Charakteristische Klassen und Anwen- dungen", Atiyah and Hirzebruch.

Wednesday October 22: Steven on "Finiteness conditions for CW complexes." C.T.C. Wall.

Monday October 27: David on "K-Theory and the Hopf Invariant", Adams and Atiyah.

Wednesday October 29: Tom on "Homology of Symmetric Products and other Functors of Complexes", A. Dold.

Monday, November 3: Dustin on "Homologie singuliere des espaces fibres. I, Applications" J.P. Serre.

Wednesday, November 5: Rex on "Equivariant K-theory", G. Segal.

Monday, November 10 and Wednesday, November 12: NO CLASS

Monday, November 17: Nick, reading Atiyah's notes on K-theory.

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