Dynamics and Geometry Seminar, Spring 2013

Our seminar meets at 4PM on Wednesdays in the Science Center, room 507.

Wednesday, 1/30: Completing the Cardioid
O. Ivrii, Harvard University

Wednesday, 2/6: Cutting sequences on Bouw-Möller surfaces
D. Davis, Brown University

Wednesday, 2/13: Computing with branched coverings
L. Bartholdi, University of Göttingen

Wednesday, 2/20: Gap Distributions and Homogeneous Dynamics
J. Athreya, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Wednesday, 3/6: PechaKucha: Mathematics, 20x20
B. Gross, O. Knill, S. Koch, B. Mazur, C. McMullen, E. Riehl, Harvard University

Wednesday, 3/13: Automorphisms of complex manifolds with positive entropy
E. Bedford, Indiana University

Wednesday, 3/20: no meeting - have a good Spring Break!

Wednesday, 3/27: SL(2,R)-orbit closures of translation surfaces
A. Wright, University of Chicago

Wednesday, 4/3: Geometry of Teichmüller space
K. Rafi, University of Toronto

Wednesday, 4/10: Random groups contain surface subgroups
D. Calegari, University of Chicago

Wednesday, 4/17: PechaKucha: Dynamics & Geometry, 20x20
M. Bridgeman (BC), M. Duchin (Tufts), V. Gadre (Harvard), D. Kleinbock (Brandeis), G. Walsh (Tufts)

Wednesday, 4/24 (3PM, Science Center Hall E): Entropy, dimension and combinatorial moduli for one-dimensional dynamical systems
G. Tiozzo, Harvard University

Wednesday, 4/24 (4PM, Maxwell Dworkin room G115): Mathematizing 'Shape' -- from Durer to MRIs, Winston Chen Lecture
D. Mumford, Brown University

Wednesday, 5/1: The Abelian sandpile and Apollonian circle packings
C. Smart, MIT

Wednesday, 5/8: Convex polygons, complex polynomials, and hyperbolic affine spheres
D. Dumas, University of Illinois at Chicago