Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 9

In this clip, the second part of Hilbert's sixteen'th problem appears. The episode is titled 743, which is the document containing the truth of Lila Pitts parents murder. Source. 743 is also a remarkable prime as 7=3+4. In the first scene cut out here, this number is communicated by a fish. The second part features Hilbert's 16th. The scene was suggested to me by Tim Duff. Here is the summary which Tim Duff kindly sent along: "In the scene, a time-traveling character named Five argues with an older copy of himself to jump into a portal. To strike a bargain, the older Five pleads "give me the math!" The younger Five then informs him that there was a typo in their attempted solution. Funnily enough, this problem has a long history of claimed solutions that turned out to be false!" Here is a page from 2003 on the problem of the number of limit cycles for Part of an exhibit for a linear course Math 21b, I course headed in 2003.

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Oliver Knill, Posted December 12, 2021,