Tetris 2023

This is an amazing movie. A thriller about how Tetris became great. The game had already been circulating at ETH Zuerich before it officially came out. I definitely played it on my Atari ST around 1987. This had been a time, when one would also hex-edit the games to change dialogs for example and of course to bypass copy protection. Mathematically, Tetris is interesting in the context of the combinatorial problem to count lattice animals. There are 7 different tetrominos if one does not allow reflections. I had been fascinated by them also because of puzzles putting these 7 into a rectangle and programmed even an Apple II computer to find all solutions of a given puzzle (motivated by Ralph Ehrismann one of the other Schweizer Jugend Forscht participants in 1981.) The problem of finding the number of polyominos of size n is unknown. The number P(n) grows between 3.72^n and 4.65^n source

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Oliver Knill, Posted April 2, 2023,