Tenet 2020

One theme of the SciFi movie Tenet is time reversal, which is an interesting twist as usually one considers only time travel. The movie itself is reported to be a palindrome with the characters moving forward in time only to invert and mirror. The word Tenet is a palindrome. Tenet is the middle line of the Sator Square, which is inscribed on a brick wall of the St Peter ad Oratorium, a Benedictine Abbey. here is the picture of that square.
The entire sentence SATOR ROPAS TENET OPERA ROTAS is a palindrome too. People have found lots of anagrams like paternoster in these letters. Running an anagram program reveals a lot of matches "Transporter, Testosterone, Orators, Rotators, Rattraps, Parrots, Operettas". Here are just some snippets from the trailers (Blueray comes out only in December and our theaters are still closed).

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Oliver Knill, Posted October 22, 2020,