SMS An Augusto Venzini by Matthias Ackeret

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Can you imagine a close relation between the former "first lady" of the US, dem "Notre dame" in Paris, Hemingway's favorite place in Venice?
There are many celebrities appearing somewhere in this stunning book. available here on Amazon. Augusto Venzini ist Alberto Venzago. The lawyer Beat Pestalozzi is the author himself. The name Beat Pestalozzi was created by Martin Walser in the book Angstbluete, who imagined with this person Ackeret. The new book of Ackeret contains a lot of people which are known in his personal circle. Also places always play an important role: "Das Kaufleuten" in Zuerich, or the Alp Tambo near the Spluegen pass where Schawinski had his radio on Pizzo Coppera. Ackeret, two others and I had been biking once from Schaffhausen once over the Spluegen to Chiavenna).
As Ackeret explains in this interview, the two girls from Schaffhausen who appear in Venice have payed in a charity event each 2000 franks to be part of the next book.
First lady Notre dame
Kaufleuten Alptambo
August 23, 2021, Oliver Knill